Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Girl on Film

I promised I'd tell if I started making new progress in my career, right? Well, I recently was in my very first film!!

I was invited to be an background extra for a student project at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, and spent a day among a busy set with a hard at work production team and camera crew.

It was as if they were already true respected professionals in the film industry...even though I knew most of them had to be students in the conservatory.

My experience was seemingly simple: bring wardrobe, check in, film, done.

But now I understand that no matter how big or little your role is in a film, there will always be those moments between takes where you get so BORED and TIRED.

Sure, there are always points in between shots that the main cast get their notes and go over blocking and acting choices with the producer or director. As an extra, though, you aren't given much to do.

Not that I am complaining; everyone starts somewhere, right?

Anyways, the film, titled HARASSMENT, is still under production from what I can imagine. I am not sure if it will be publically posted anywhere after it is finished, but I do hope I at least can get access to stock footage of my scenes to put into a video reel!

I didn't dwell on my time on set too much afterwards, with other priorities ahead for the next two days after I filmed.
I went out to Disney the next afternoon for a dance call for their Fantasmic! night time show, and then the evening after that to an open call for a production of A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.

Now, even more recently, I celebrated my twenty-second birthday with not much excitement. I just didn't feel like making it such a big deal this year.

Besides this small student film, I haven't really done much to get excited over regarding my career aspirations. Sure I went to New York during the summer and sang at some clubs during open mic nights, but no one ever asked for my resume or any information about me.

Since then, back here at home I'm just looking for the perfect auditions, trying to take the perfect new headshot, practicing my singing every day...

I do have two new jobs, in health and child care. I did have a restaurant job that I unfortunately lost after only three months, but in all honesty my current positions are definitely more suited for me. Being around other people is stimulating for me, and I absolutely ADORE being around young children. The little one I take care of is so happy and smart and super independent for her age; she's determined to walk on her own, which I have a feeling will be very soon!
I swear, she's grown bigger every time I go see her!

So to wrap things up- am I happy? Yes. Satisfied with how my dreams and potential plans are going?

Eh, it could be better.

And I believe it will. I have a feeling that twenty-two will be my lucky number in the coming new year.

We'll just have to wait and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Always Starting Over...and Over...and Over, somehow...

I'm doing this over again...AGAIN.

Every time I looked at my old posts my brain kept screaming "you're doing it all wrong! This is not the blog you said you were going to write!"

Well brain, it's kinda hard to keep it on the subject of an actress whose trying to jumpstart her career, when there's nothing going on in her career right now to begin with!!!!!!!!

Okay. Pause. Take a breath. Try to explain this a simply as possible.

I'm basically a community college dropout now.

I am still searching for work, both in and outside show business.

I have no savings, no driver's license, no social life.

Basically, my career is halfway close to being DEAD before it's even truly started.

There are things in the works though, thanks to my new management. Hopefully I won't be casting stones on myself for much longer with all the stuff we are planning. Public gigs, a mock up tour video, and more Soundcloud tracks are in the works!

 And there's some stuff I want to take care of health wise as well. I can be pretty paranoid about things, one of them being the well being of my voice. For almost two years now I have been wanting to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor, just to have an exam and hopefully lift a weight off my shoulders for all those years of unhealthy singing.

I just hope I don't keep missing the best opportunities to hopefully get me back on track to heading towards my future.