Sunday, February 26, 2017

Put Your Dreams Away

I started this blog to chronicle the journeys I go on as an actress, whether its auditions, success stories and recaps on different gigs, even throwing in a few things from my personal life and other interests.

Well, it's going to be a lot less frequent now- even less than it already has become.

First reason being, I haven't booked anything new since Hairspray. I've been working odd jobs here and there, from Hot Topic to Party City and whatnot just to get some proper experience in the work force.
 Now I'm focused on landing a brand new full time part time job; I really need to start earning and saving my own money. There's a lot of things I'm making plans for with friends and family, and for myself regarding going back into acting.

So I'm officially putting my acting career on hold for the time being, just until I'm the slightest more independent.

I need my own money, my own driver's license, a job to go to every day and keep me motivated so I will have the confidence to go back out and audition.

I have something to prove to my family- that I will be ready for whatever I choose to do next with my dreams.

With that, I exit this blog. Just until I have something I know is worth sharing, something that will be the next step on my path to becoming the performer I wish to be.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Step by Step

Happy New Year!

Had a great holiday and doing great work at my job- plus I've been fighting off a pretty bad cold and bronchitis which has taken up some of my time due to resting.

Little by little though, I've bounced back!

I have an all new audition tonight for a production of the musical Carousel, and despite my still obvious sickness I'm going ahead with it. I just hope my breath and my voice hold out for me...

I'm close to finishing with the career program, and hope that I may be hired as an official employee and my work once I do.

Saw La La Land last night; let me tell you, inspirational and an emotional roller coaster for this aspiring star right here. Emma Stone is literally me in this!

Well, at least my brother said so.

I don't really have a formal set up for this post right now since I've got my mind all over the place. Hopefully I'll reign everything in and be able to relax and keep on chasing the dream!