Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Show People

Besides all that sunburn nonsense I discussed, I do have my next big audition on Saturday- for an away from home gig!

A theatre company in Palm Springs is looking for actors for their 20th anniversary season. They are planning a whole slew of amazing shows like Evita, In the Heights, The Music Man, and others. But they're doing two I have been dying to do: Jekyll and Hyde & Rock of Ages!

I am so excited to have my parent's permission to do this! If I get hired it will mean living in Palm Springs for up to three months depending on the show, but in provided housing.
It even pays well, up to $300 per week! I don't know it that includes rehearsal, but the productions last two weeks.

Since I decided to do this, I realized that if I do get cast in their September-October show, I'll miss the chance to do La Mirada's Rock of Ages which will most likely have all the professional materials, such as the actual Broadway set and costumes!
But Jekyll and Hyde is also one of my dream shows that I don't want to pass up. I guess I could wait until next spring for the Palm's production. Who knows? Maybe their sets and costumes will be just as good.

And plus, the money and experience would be great for me!

Burn Away

Anyone heard of the term "The Hell's Itch"?

Basically it's when you are so badly sunburned that you get uncontrollable agonizing itching three days after that makes you feel like crying and screaming.

Yours truly spent her Fathers Day at the beach with the fam, and apparently didn't use enough of the spray on sunscreen and so now I am up to the point of going CRAZY trying to fix this!

Even before the itching started I was in complete misery because of all places my feet got sunburned right across the tops, making walking and putting on shoes and socks the most painful thing in the world. Near the middle of my legs I got toasted, and some very miniscule itches have caused them to unexpectedly convulse.

But all of that has nothing on the hell's itch that has been radiating across my torso and collarbone. Aloe vera did help, but temporarily. Trying to rub the areas with the tips of my fingers only made it worse, and I was nearly at my wit's end.

I found myself still nursing my tortured skin past 1 AM last night, trying to figure out what to do so I could sleep with ease. So what did I do? Turn to the internet for answers.

I found three different articles that said HEAT actually helped reduce the itch, while causing an all new pain by combining to two horrible sensations. So into the bathroom I went with a washcloth and turned the sink on to high heat.
Setting it across my chest I hissed at the added discomfort brought on by the hot water, but after a few short moments realized the itch was gone!

But not for long. The articles did say it was really a hot shower that helped the most for better results, and since I don't live alone it would be bizarre for everyone to wake up and wonder why the hell someone chose to take a shower at this time of night.

So I went back to my search browser and kept reading. To my surprise I read hydrocortisone cream was a big help at providing relief. Hurriedly I found a tube and immediately slathered it all over the dark red patches around my upper arm and chest.

IT WORKED! Within minutes the itching slowly decreased and I crawled into bed, careful to not disturb the healing process.

And I was so relieved to wake up this morning to no burning, just the tiniest amount of itching.

My bout with the hell's itch is over for now. Who knows if it'll come back before my skin has officially healed?