Saturday, May 21, 2016

Elegantly Wasted

Well apparently I didn't have the right requirements for the job, because I'm sure I would have written about getting it or been too busy working it to write.

I've been busy with classes, it almost being the end of the semester, and I'm hunting for another job to work for the summer. I may be in luck this time because I am going to try and sign on to help out some old friends in a new business they run.

I have an audition in Torrance tomorrow for The Drowsy Chaperone. Not for Janet though, as much as I would like to- I have no acrobatics or juggling talent whatsoever! I'll be going out for Kitty, a supporting character.

So much for me promising myself to keep this blog up to date. I just haven't had anything too exciting to write about that seems fit to share. I mean, I'm not in any shows, I'm not working, I'm single...zilch! Nada!

Though there is so much I wish I could be doing- seeing Constantine's new play, meeting other fellow fans in person, being at the Vulture Festival with the Muppets! Working at Disneyland, even if I just work in one of the stores or restaurants!
(I'm too tall to be a character anyways...)

I just wish show business wasn't so exclusive and based on equities or the amount of experience you have beforehand. Then more people might have their dreams actually come true.