Saturday, April 16, 2016

Get A Job

I'm in full blown preparation mode for a big job audition and interview for my city's aquarium. They are putting together an educational children's theatre show and need plenty of performers to share roles and duties to put it all together.

I am really looking forward to this and hope I get the position. It will mean more experience to add to my resumes and money I can earn and save! I just hope it all goes smoothly enough for me to pull it off...

My resume for the job certainly had its high points for work like this; with my past experience volunteering with kids at Camp Fire, and doing puppetry at home and for a production of Little Shop of Horrors I did three years ago.
 And my total obsession with the behind the scenes mechanics of the Muppets and Sesame Street couldn't hurt to mention helping me out with that.

I'm not trying to gloat or anything, but I believe I have all the right qualifications to do this job, and it would be so amazing to get it!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

In the End

My spring break has gone by fast. Actually the last month has gone by pretty fast.

I did a short play (which I WISH I had blogged about during all that time!)
... and my parents came to see it; my brother tried, but he got mistaken for a student and got kicked out of the room since it was full!

Other classes are fine- I'm preparing a selection from The Vagina Monologues for my acting class to break down and eventually perform.
Combat it still exciting, and quite the workout for anyone's dominant arm. Midterm will be involving all the moves we've learned so far combined with a partner.

Although, some of you may not know that one stupid mistake of mine almost cost me my identity! I had my backpack stolen, which included my purse, wallet, yoga mat and my script for my acting class that I checked out from the library.

It was a tense two days. But being advised by my dad, once those 48 hours passed I went back to the lost and found in the student lounge and to my shock and wonderful surprise my things were there, everything accounted for!... minus six dollars the person took from my wallet.
With that my police report went into the garbage.

After that huge fiasco I kept it mellow throughout the next twelve days, and now here we are.

I didn't let my entire break go to waste however- I stayed up to date with my social media, did a little bit of writing and exercising, and had some delicious meals with my family. And like millions of others I watched the big American Idol finale.

I loved seeing Constantine back where he started, singing and rockin' out with Chris Daughtry and Caleb Johnson and Bo Bice. He even stepped in as a replacement for a country medley with Ace and Diana and Kellie Pickler and Scotty McCreery.
 Gotta say he makes a pretty good country boy! What am I saying? He can sing anything!!

One of my other favorite moments was Kelly Clarkson's pre-taped performance of a medley of her most famous songs, from "Miss Independent" to "Stronger", finishing with her original first single "Moment Like This" done beautifully a capella. She's been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember first hearing her music, and is such an inspiration.

Sad to see the show go after it gave us so many amazing artists to share their dreams and talents with. I will always be thankful for it.