Monday, February 15, 2016

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

My acting aspirations are reaching new heights thanks to my new acting classes this semester.

The movement class I signed up for, which I had thought was going to help me work on body language, is actually the complete opposite; stage combat!
Our instructor even showed us the collection of weapons we will be using and discussed the terminology of the different areas and pieces of them.

Definitely not what I thought I had signed up for, but it would be a great skill to add to any resume.

My character class involves deep discussions with our Julliard educated teacher/director, who has been lots of places in the industry and met all sorts of people, whether or not a name we'd recognize. He's talked with us about our favorite actors and their performances, how they approached them and the story they were able to tell with or without uttering a word.

Of course, he also told us some of the grueling truths when it comes to trying to work in the business. I am all too familiar with this talk, but it was all the more meaningful coming from him since he had been where we are hoping to be within maybe the next five years of our lives.

My teachers in middle school and high school never dawned on the subject, probably to spare our young feelings. However my parents gave it to me straight whenever I was obsessing over wanting to go out to LA or even buy a plane ticket cross country for an audition. (I still have yet to go to an out of state call.)

As painful as it was to hear and think about, I'm not giving up. I just know my chances could very well be higher than others may think-

Any time now. Just wait.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Always Starting Over

2nd semester has begun, and- I can't believe I'm saying this- I'm so happy!
Well it does beat being unemployed and laying around the house all day.

This time around I have two different acting teachers, and both guys. They are both very skilled and well taught, one of them went to Julliard!

My spin class is a lot more than I expected. It's not just pedaling nonstop; there's going to be calisthenics and floor work, and even keeping a journal to track our diets and exercising outside of class.

Personal wise, our family just got bigger with my cousin's new baby girl. I am eager to see how new big brother is with her and wondering when we'll get the chance to meet her ourselves.
Oh how could I forget....America's Got Talent was the past Saturday! I have to be truthful though, I'm sure I could have done better. I tried s hard to clam any nerves I had, let the tension got to my feet like Anne advised. I guess there was still I little left.

Then again, I could have been exhaustion- I arrived at the LA convention center around noon, and didn't audition until like six or six thirty.

Unlike The Voice, they don't tell you right away if you're going to the next round. Instead they tell you to wait two weeks and see if they call. Week one is almost over, but I'm still skeptical at my chances.

At least I'll have plays here at CC if it doesn't work out.