Thursday, January 28, 2016

Circle of One

I feel pretty dumb for not posting anything the past month; I mean I've had nothing in the way!

I've just been keeping to myself, hoping something will just appear right in front of me. A brand new year, so I'm still thinking of brand new opportunities.

I DO have an audition for America's Got Talent in February.
I thought this show would be better than The Voice- it has a variety of acts after all, and if I'd booked the other show I'd have to go into totally different genres than I'm familiar with.

Not that it would be a problem. I just wouldn't want to seem like an idiot for not knowing the titles and lyrics to some of today's most popular songs, since I don't really listen to them. I'm still a theatre dork!

Speaking of that, I have applied productions hoping to be scheduled an audition, but have heard nothing back. Well, that's showbiz.

I think I should find a new part time job, but I'd have to work around my new classes for the upcoming semester. So, it'd probably be mostly weekends.
I do have a voice lesson today, and wanted to go to the mall yesterday but slept through the whole morning when I could have gone an gotten a smoothie and caught the bus.

I'm going tomorrow instead.

AND...maybe see if someone's available to meet me for lunch? I've missed our time and conversations together...