Sunday, December 4, 2016

Let's Work

Well, I was right. These last three months have been a whirlwind of work as well as play! So forgive me for not posting in three months...

HAIRSPRAY was a great success, enthusiastic audiences every time cheering the loudest after our big finale.

With that chapter of my life over, I'm back to filling my time with career training and experience. Even better, I am speaking with some managers at my local mall to work as a sales associate in Hot Topic!
It should be great practice for future work force positions, as well as improve my social skills even better. Plus with the holidays about to happen, there should be plenty for me to do.

For now though, I am enjoying my last few late nights here on my laptop, drinking in all the Muppet, Broadway and Backstreet Boys stuff I can.

Once I'm back to work, things are sure to change!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Busy Life

Hairspray rehearsals are halfway there! We've already done our wig fittings and are doing a stumble through of Act One tonight.

 I have my mornings busy the next three days since I officially started my career training and classes; eventually I'll be working part time to get some on the job training- I just hope it doesn't conflict with the show at any time.

I'll just have to negotiate once I know what's going down. Right now I'm just glad I have anything to fill my time, even if I become totally exhausted.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Welcome to the 60's!

Big news this afternoon!

After my year long hiatus from the stage, I am so excited to announce I have been cast in California State Dominguez Hills' production of HAIRSPRAY!

I'll be playing Shelly, one of the Baltimore teenagers featured on The Corny Collins Show.

I don't have too much details right now since I just found out, but my first rehearsal is this Tuesday, and we open in November.

Absolutely floored! I've always wanted to do this show and now I will!!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Whole New World

Summer had its usual conclusion with our annual trip to Lake Tahoe, but now it's time to go to work. Literally.

Yes, I will be spending this next college semester away from college, and applying for jobs so I can go back to earning and saving money the proper way.
It's about time to me...and even more so to my parents!

I mean, I am turning twenty this year- GEEZ! It feels so weird just typing that!

Anyway, I need to start really acting my age and that begins with getting and keeping a job. I've already applied for a position as a library page and contacted the folks at Yogurtland after seeing they're hiring.

When I'm not working, or at least not searching for work, I'll be going to workshops to get the National Work Readiness Credential. It shows that you have the skills and knowledge to be a great employee, and helps raise chances of getting hired.

Personally I think it would've helped to have the credential before I submitted an application anywhere, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

It'll be nice to have some real money in the bank again, enough for me to save and occasionally treat myself with. I already have my sights set on an all new adventure for next summer...

Some of you may not be aware, but I have decided to add on a second backup career: puppetry.

I am a huge Muppet fan, as I have expressed many times already, and have always been fascinated with the behind the scenes aspect and inner workings.

I do have some experience in the field; back in 2013 I did all the puppetry for Audrey Two in a production of Little Shop of Horrors. (My brother was even the voice of the plant!)
 That will always be a huge highlight for me!

And a few years before that, during my first visit to New York I acquired my very own Muppet Whatnot from their FAO Schwartz workshop and practiced with it nonstop. It's definitely harder than it seems because of the way they are built.

To make a long story short, I want to save enough money for a plane ticket to Texas for a professional puppetry workshop with two very prestigious Sesame Street and Muppet performers! It lasts a week, covering everything from eye focus to character building, and concludes with a big performance with the entire class and the instructors together!

Now that would be absolutely amazing!

It could all be possible if I manage to land a new job.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Food Glorious Food #4- S'mores Pastries

This recipe just came to me one day when my mom was using pastry dough for a lemon square recipe and had some left over. We happened to have chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in the pantry, so it all just clicked in my head.

Shannon's S'mores Pastries

Any pastry dough, homemade or store bought
Semi sweet chocolate chips (I recommend Nestle's Toll House)
Mini marshmallows

Prepare the dough as directed. Shape in a cupcake tin, with or without paper cups. (Just be sure to spray the pan is you go without!)

Fill the dough with marshmallows and chocolate.

If you have any leftover dough, shape it into little strips and lay across the top of the pastries, sprinkling the top with sugar.

Bake in the oven at 375 degrees F until golden brown, about 15 minutes. The marshmallows should be toasted a golden brown and the chocolate melting.

I haven't tried this, but for a real s'mores atmosphere, add in graham cracker crumbs.

It's sure to be a perfect summertime treat!

Let it Go

Frozen ain't happening. My initial audition went well, but I guess even with stage shows at Disney they have height regulations. Oh well. At least there's more for me to look forward to...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Love is An Open Door

The audition for Palm Springs didn't go so well...

I'm getting ready for the next one though- FROZEN at Disney's California Adventure is looking for new talent. This time I'm going for it!!!

Turns out they're holding them at the same venue the Palm Springs one was at, so that makes it easy for my mom who will be accompanying me once again.

I was one of the millions of people who caught the Frozen bug when it first came out, and started teaching myself "Let it Go" as soon as I could get my hands on audio of it.

I have rehearsed with my voice teacher to make sure I will be ready. This is a job I really want a shot at!

Elsa is the ultimate role model for girls, the only Disney female whose storyline isn't defined by finding true love. Plus she's almost identical to another character I love, who was originated by her voice actress Idina Menzel...

From the footage I've seen of the show, it's pretty damn awesome! The sets, costumes, puppets all bring the story alive straight from the movie. But even just to work for Disney playing one of their characters, and mesmerize kids and their families alike would be an amazing experience.

Let's see if luck and faith joins my side!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Show People

Besides all that sunburn nonsense I discussed, I do have my next big audition on Saturday- for an away from home gig!

A theatre company in Palm Springs is looking for actors for their 20th anniversary season. They are planning a whole slew of amazing shows like Evita, In the Heights, The Music Man, and others. But they're doing two I have been dying to do: Jekyll and Hyde & Rock of Ages!

I am so excited to have my parent's permission to do this! If I get hired it will mean living in Palm Springs for up to three months depending on the show, but in provided housing.
It even pays well, up to $300 per week! I don't know it that includes rehearsal, but the productions last two weeks.

Since I decided to do this, I realized that if I do get cast in their September-October show, I'll miss the chance to do La Mirada's Rock of Ages which will most likely have all the professional materials, such as the actual Broadway set and costumes!
But Jekyll and Hyde is also one of my dream shows that I don't want to pass up. I guess I could wait until next spring for the Palm's production. Who knows? Maybe their sets and costumes will be just as good.

And plus, the money and experience would be great for me!

Burn Away

Anyone heard of the term "The Hell's Itch"?

Basically it's when you are so badly sunburned that you get uncontrollable agonizing itching three days after that makes you feel like crying and screaming.

Yours truly spent her Fathers Day at the beach with the fam, and apparently didn't use enough of the spray on sunscreen and so now I am up to the point of going CRAZY trying to fix this!

Even before the itching started I was in complete misery because of all places my feet got sunburned right across the tops, making walking and putting on shoes and socks the most painful thing in the world. Near the middle of my legs I got toasted, and some very miniscule itches have caused them to unexpectedly convulse.

But all of that has nothing on the hell's itch that has been radiating across my torso and collarbone. Aloe vera did help, but temporarily. Trying to rub the areas with the tips of my fingers only made it worse, and I was nearly at my wit's end.

I found myself still nursing my tortured skin past 1 AM last night, trying to figure out what to do so I could sleep with ease. So what did I do? Turn to the internet for answers.

I found three different articles that said HEAT actually helped reduce the itch, while causing an all new pain by combining to two horrible sensations. So into the bathroom I went with a washcloth and turned the sink on to high heat.
Setting it across my chest I hissed at the added discomfort brought on by the hot water, but after a few short moments realized the itch was gone!

But not for long. The articles did say it was really a hot shower that helped the most for better results, and since I don't live alone it would be bizarre for everyone to wake up and wonder why the hell someone chose to take a shower at this time of night.

So I went back to my search browser and kept reading. To my surprise I read hydrocortisone cream was a big help at providing relief. Hurriedly I found a tube and immediately slathered it all over the dark red patches around my upper arm and chest.

IT WORKED! Within minutes the itching slowly decreased and I crawled into bed, careful to not disturb the healing process.

And I was so relieved to wake up this morning to no burning, just the tiniest amount of itching.

My bout with the hell's itch is over for now. Who knows if it'll come back before my skin has officially healed?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Elegantly Wasted

Well apparently I didn't have the right requirements for the job, because I'm sure I would have written about getting it or been too busy working it to write.

I've been busy with classes, it almost being the end of the semester, and I'm hunting for another job to work for the summer. I may be in luck this time because I am going to try and sign on to help out some old friends in a new business they run.

I have an audition in Torrance tomorrow for The Drowsy Chaperone. Not for Janet though, as much as I would like to- I have no acrobatics or juggling talent whatsoever! I'll be going out for Kitty, a supporting character.

So much for me promising myself to keep this blog up to date. I just haven't had anything too exciting to write about that seems fit to share. I mean, I'm not in any shows, I'm not working, I'm single...zilch! Nada!

Though there is so much I wish I could be doing- seeing Constantine's new play, meeting other fellow fans in person, being at the Vulture Festival with the Muppets! Working at Disneyland, even if I just work in one of the stores or restaurants!
(I'm too tall to be a character anyways...)

I just wish show business wasn't so exclusive and based on equities or the amount of experience you have beforehand. Then more people might have their dreams actually come true.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Get A Job

I'm in full blown preparation mode for a big job audition and interview for my city's aquarium. They are putting together an educational children's theatre show and need plenty of performers to share roles and duties to put it all together.

I am really looking forward to this and hope I get the position. It will mean more experience to add to my resumes and money I can earn and save! I just hope it all goes smoothly enough for me to pull it off...

My resume for the job certainly had its high points for work like this; with my past experience volunteering with kids at Camp Fire, and doing puppetry at home and for a production of Little Shop of Horrors I did three years ago.
 And my total obsession with the behind the scenes mechanics of the Muppets and Sesame Street couldn't hurt to mention helping me out with that.

I'm not trying to gloat or anything, but I believe I have all the right qualifications to do this job, and it would be so amazing to get it!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

In the End

My spring break has gone by fast. Actually the last month has gone by pretty fast.

I did a short play (which I WISH I had blogged about during all that time!)
... and my parents came to see it; my brother tried, but he got mistaken for a student and got kicked out of the room since it was full!

Other classes are fine- I'm preparing a selection from The Vagina Monologues for my acting class to break down and eventually perform.
Combat it still exciting, and quite the workout for anyone's dominant arm. Midterm will be involving all the moves we've learned so far combined with a partner.

Although, some of you may not know that one stupid mistake of mine almost cost me my identity! I had my backpack stolen, which included my purse, wallet, yoga mat and my script for my acting class that I checked out from the library.

It was a tense two days. But being advised by my dad, once those 48 hours passed I went back to the lost and found in the student lounge and to my shock and wonderful surprise my things were there, everything accounted for!... minus six dollars the person took from my wallet.
With that my police report went into the garbage.

After that huge fiasco I kept it mellow throughout the next twelve days, and now here we are.

I didn't let my entire break go to waste however- I stayed up to date with my social media, did a little bit of writing and exercising, and had some delicious meals with my family. And like millions of others I watched the big American Idol finale.

I loved seeing Constantine back where he started, singing and rockin' out with Chris Daughtry and Caleb Johnson and Bo Bice. He even stepped in as a replacement for a country medley with Ace and Diana and Kellie Pickler and Scotty McCreery.
 Gotta say he makes a pretty good country boy! What am I saying? He can sing anything!!

One of my other favorite moments was Kelly Clarkson's pre-taped performance of a medley of her most famous songs, from "Miss Independent" to "Stronger", finishing with her original first single "Moment Like This" done beautifully a capella. She's been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember first hearing her music, and is such an inspiration.

Sad to see the show go after it gave us so many amazing artists to share their dreams and talents with. I will always be thankful for it.

Monday, February 15, 2016

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

My acting aspirations are reaching new heights thanks to my new acting classes this semester.

The movement class I signed up for, which I had thought was going to help me work on body language, is actually the complete opposite; stage combat!
Our instructor even showed us the collection of weapons we will be using and discussed the terminology of the different areas and pieces of them.

Definitely not what I thought I had signed up for, but it would be a great skill to add to any resume.

My character class involves deep discussions with our Julliard educated teacher/director, who has been lots of places in the industry and met all sorts of people, whether or not a name we'd recognize. He's talked with us about our favorite actors and their performances, how they approached them and the story they were able to tell with or without uttering a word.

Of course, he also told us some of the grueling truths when it comes to trying to work in the business. I am all too familiar with this talk, but it was all the more meaningful coming from him since he had been where we are hoping to be within maybe the next five years of our lives.

My teachers in middle school and high school never dawned on the subject, probably to spare our young feelings. However my parents gave it to me straight whenever I was obsessing over wanting to go out to LA or even buy a plane ticket cross country for an audition. (I still have yet to go to an out of state call.)

As painful as it was to hear and think about, I'm not giving up. I just know my chances could very well be higher than others may think-

Any time now. Just wait.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Always Starting Over

2nd semester has begun, and- I can't believe I'm saying this- I'm so happy!
Well it does beat being unemployed and laying around the house all day.

This time around I have two different acting teachers, and both guys. They are both very skilled and well taught, one of them went to Julliard!

My spin class is a lot more than I expected. It's not just pedaling nonstop; there's going to be calisthenics and floor work, and even keeping a journal to track our diets and exercising outside of class.

Personal wise, our family just got bigger with my cousin's new baby girl. I am eager to see how new big brother is with her and wondering when we'll get the chance to meet her ourselves.
Oh how could I forget....America's Got Talent was the past Saturday! I have to be truthful though, I'm sure I could have done better. I tried s hard to clam any nerves I had, let the tension got to my feet like Anne advised. I guess there was still I little left.

Then again, I could have been exhaustion- I arrived at the LA convention center around noon, and didn't audition until like six or six thirty.

Unlike The Voice, they don't tell you right away if you're going to the next round. Instead they tell you to wait two weeks and see if they call. Week one is almost over, but I'm still skeptical at my chances.

At least I'll have plays here at CC if it doesn't work out.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Circle of One

I feel pretty dumb for not posting anything the past month; I mean I've had nothing in the way!

I've just been keeping to myself, hoping something will just appear right in front of me. A brand new year, so I'm still thinking of brand new opportunities.

I DO have an audition for America's Got Talent in February.
I thought this show would be better than The Voice- it has a variety of acts after all, and if I'd booked the other show I'd have to go into totally different genres than I'm familiar with.

Not that it would be a problem. I just wouldn't want to seem like an idiot for not knowing the titles and lyrics to some of today's most popular songs, since I don't really listen to them. I'm still a theatre dork!

Speaking of that, I have applied productions hoping to be scheduled an audition, but have heard nothing back. Well, that's showbiz.

I think I should find a new part time job, but I'd have to work around my new classes for the upcoming semester. So, it'd probably be mostly weekends.
I do have a voice lesson today, and wanted to go to the mall yesterday but slept through the whole morning when I could have gone an gotten a smoothie and caught the bus.

I'm going tomorrow instead.

AND...maybe see if someone's available to meet me for lunch? I've missed our time and conversations together...