Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anything Goes

I've got time on my hands to update you all on what's happening. All I was just doing is watching videos of Raquel Welch...damn, I hope I look that good when I'm her age! She's seventy three and still Smokin'!

Anyway, I went to another audition on Tuesday at that company that just wrapped up The Addams Family, this time for Beauty and the Beast.
I was so lucky to remember the whole bus ordeal from last time, so I left the house at 8 that morning, and managed to get through the door of the building 30 minutes early!

Unfortunately, I was totally unaware that the non union actors would be the very last to audition- 7 hours later!!!!!!!!

I sat around for so long doing absolutely nothing. Well, at least when I got bored with my phone. Sure they let us have a break for lunch at 2:30, but come on? A break from waiting?

I just had to suck it up: waiting around is a huge part of the business, whether at an audition or waiting hopefully for that call.

I talked with a few people, but only for a short time. Mostly I had questions about what their backgrounds and latest experiences were.

Much later, I saw a cast mate from Chess come in! He had a long chat with me about his history with the company and the kinds of auditions he had been on, being a couple decades older than me.

When I at last went in, I was so ready, but still nervous. Yeah, even I get nervous!
Anyway, earlier the woman in charge had told us that if any girls were auditioning for Belle or Mrs. Potts they wanted to hear their songs if we knew them. Luckily, I have known Belle's song "Home" for years, and worked on it with my vocal teacher.

I have to say, when my turn came, I felt that I was putting more emotion into the song as I sang it, unlike some girls I had heard previously who were just trying to get the sound right.

Don't get me wrong, I made sure of that too!

The panel seemed to like me. They said words of praise and thanked me for coming in. I kept a smile on and a cheerful attitude in mind as I interacted with them before and after.

Now it just depends if I get an email by tomorrow.

Outside the theatre world, I'm back to writing again! I have almost finished a short young adult story that I will be publishing online. I don't want to talk about what goes on in it, but I'm nineteen now so it is partially very adult...!

Speaking of being nineteen, I don't feel the slightest bit older. Sure, looking at home movies I've seen I obviously changed, but after just turning a year older, it's no different than when I was eighteen.

Except that my writing has gotten a bit know...

ok, not gonna go there. Best to everybody!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Food Glorious Food #3- A Simple Chicken Dinner

Just tried this amazing recipe I thought off the top of my head, and I can't believe how amazing it turned out! I knew I had to share it here, so take a look at my wonderful chicken dinner.

I gave it a side of rice and toasted French bread.
Simple Chicken Dinner
Thawed boneless chicken, as many as you wish
Mirepoix AKA diced onions, celery and carrots
A minced clove of garlic
A sprinkle of salt and fresh pepper
A dash of dried or fresh parsley
A splash of low sodium chicken stock
1 tablespoon of olive oil
In a heated skillet pan, drizzle olive oil. Add mirepoix and garlic, sprinkling on salt, pepper and parsley. Stir and let tenderize. Add chicken with salt and pepper and chicken stock. Cook until tender and completely through.
Serve with rice or potatoes warm.

Happy cooking!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Time After Time

I know, just read the title again...
I closed CHESS a few weeks ago. It was a great run with a bunch of talented people who I loved getting to know, including our director and fearless leading man Jonas. He fought so hard to have the show up and running and it certainly couldn't have been done without his leadership.

He's having surgery today for gallstones...we're all sending positive vibes and messages to him. Good luck Jonas!

My nineteenth birthday came and went October 30th, and I went to my very first college party for it! My dad had just gotten home from intense throat surgery, so I had to go by taxi, which was quite an ordeal.
The GPS showed the house the party was at as right in front of where we drove by, but the number was nowhere to be found. It turns out it was in an alleyway after looping around the neighborhood. The driver was great sport about it, and even took some money of the meter!

I did a homemade Sherrie costume, complete with a blonde wig and red bolero and skirt with fishnets and a big belt.

I actually had a big ordeal with the wig- I ended up returning the first because it wasn't a one size fits all like it had said on the ad. I have to say I prefer the second one I got, even though it didn't have any crimps in it.

Midterms  few by like a breeze thank goodness! With nothing very academic, they were just easy as pie! I rewrote my fictional manuscript, which I am so proud of, passed my theatre forum exam with flying colors, and performing a self written monologue the best I could.

The monologue in question happened to be about my Rock of Ages audition experience... if you haven't read about it already on here, check it out!

In other news, I refunded my tickets to Breaking Through. Unfortunately Constantine had serious family matters to take care of and had to drop out mid rehearsal. But I am so happy to know that everything is fine now, and he's even now signed with JLS Artist Management, with new music and a new show in the works! Couldn't be more happy for him!

I'm going to try and keep up with the blogging again, don't worry. Lately I've just been slacking off, so it's time to change that.