Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's A Small World After All

Exciting last couple of days!

D23 was as exciting as I had hoped. Seeing the Muppets and their performers in person was like I could have been dreaming the whole thing!
And interacting with them!!! That was a whole other ball game! Luckily I don't have to go into too much detail of how hysterical I was that I almost couldn't speak. Audio of the panel has already been released courtesy of a fellow Muppet fan who was also there.

If you don't want to bother with the whole thing, skip to 40 minutes in.

I just couldn't believe it! To see Steve Whitmire and Dave Goelz with Rizzo, Kermit and Gonzo, and Bill Barretta with Pepe, Eric Jacobson with Fozzie and Animal and Matt Vogel with Floyd and Uncle was just, wow.

My question just popped into my head after I calmed down, so I actually didn't ask my true one.

I totally meant it about all of them singing wise. You should hear Bill as Dr. Teeth!
And Steve...gosh! My Instagram friend Miranda and I are just nuts about him.

He totally rocks this song, along with the legendary Jerry Nelson and Kevin Clash!

Anyways, that was the most exciting part of the day, but there were some other pretty great moments too.
For instance we walked right past a signing table and there was Ed Asner! For those in my generation, he was Carl Fredricksen in "Up" and Santa Claus in "Elf".
Just next to him was Kim Possible herself Christy Carlson Romano! She said hi to me and even offered to take a picture. I was totally for it...until I saw the people in charge were making people pay for doing it.

So we moved on.

Right across from Christy I saw a woman with pictures of Jane from "Mary Poppins" around her. It was her! She must have been the one who played her as a little girl! That was pretty cool.

We did get a picture with some people though, like Allison, one of the pros from Dancing with the Stars, and some cosplayers who had amazing costumes for the convention's contest.
All in all, it was a pretty great day.

Monday was my audition for Chess, and to my delight, they said they loved my voice and asked me back the following night. I obliged and came back willing and ready. That night we were taught a verse on the spot to test our harmonizing.

I am happy to say I did very well and the next night I got an email and phone call to offer me a featured role in the show!
I was so excited, but also conflicted. They knew about my next audition because I had explained it when I saw that the show's first rehearsal was that same night. However the director told me I could go to the audition but afterwards needed my full commitment to the show.

How will I? What if the Little Shop audition goes better and I actually get a lead role? They don't want me to drop out once I've been cast!
I suppose I'd have to turn it down, or just hope I don't get considered.

Okay I'm going to stop thinking about that now. For now it's about going to the Jeff Dunham special taping on Saturday!

I'm going to leave everything at that. I am unsure whether I'll be able to talk about it afterwards, but I can tell you to tune in September 17th on NBC when the show airs, and just hope I can be spotted with my dad from the mezzanine.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Good Day Sunshine!

As the summer for me is quickly drawing to a close and my first day of college approaches, I am making the days last!

I restart voice lessons this Tuesday after Anne has been on vacation. She actually came back last week, but I had to move my lesson because I was working my final FINAL week at day camp and wasn't available.
I have been going t that cam since second grade, and now to be done with it? Sure, it's pretty sad...

Anyways, the rest of the week should be exciting- that coming Friday, I have a ticket at the D23 expo at Disney! I have seen so much photos and film from all the exhibitions, concerts and programs that go on during this weekend, and am so excited to get to go even if it is only for one day.
But the real reason I'm going, is Muppets!

Yes, just like Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquism, I am an avid Muppet fan, and there is a special opportunity Friday morning to attend a panel titled "The Magic Behind the Muppets".
It is said that there will be some surprise guests and even a once and a lifetime demonstration on what those amazing puppeteers do to make the Muppets come to life!

How could I skip such a special day?!!!

Following that weekend, I am going to an audition right here in my hometown for a production of the musical Chess. I'm so fortunate that it is being held at a facility I am familiar with and have been to before; my high school does all its dance performances at said location.

Next on the itinerary will be Jeff Dunham's "Unhinged in Hollywood" taping on the 22nd. I was so lucky to have snagged tickets so early thanks to a post on Facebook regarding presales.

 I'm excited to see what new material he has planned, and for my favorite of his characters- Peanut!

And finally at the end of the month I plan to go to an open call for Little Shop of Horrors. I have done the show before, playing a member of the Skid Row community and even puppeteering for Audrey 2.

However I am still waiting for the day I get to play Audrey; I have tried mastering her Brooklyn tongue and have sung her songs and practiced her death scene over and over for the last six years!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you all know by now how committed I am...

So that will be the end to my summer, but the fun won't stop there. I just bought tickets for a brand new musical premiering in Pasadena called Breaking Through, starring that handsome Greek you know I still love Constantine!

I am so excited to see him again- we've sort of kept in touch via Twitter, but only really met in person back in October at Rock of Ages. So it'll be nice to watch him perform and meet him at the stage door, with a belated birthday gift on hand. I still can't believe he's going to be forty!

I'm starting off college the right way, huh?!