Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Little More Homework...? Nnneeooww!

Yesterday I graduated from high school.
I am finished with those twelve long years of learning, growing, and the best and worst moments of my life so far.
  Kind of a bad idea to start it by saying to my sister "Get out of my face!" Sorry, Lauren.

  So the ceremony began at three and I could not stop grinning as we entered to the esteemed orchestration of 'Pomp and Circumstance'. My family was right where icons see them, and I walked past waving as my dad and brother took pictures. It was a great ceremony!
 Lots of cheering for everyone as they received their diplomas, including an enthusiastic shout to me from my graduating class: "SLAY SHANNON!!!" Wow I'm really gonna miss Renaissance...

Beyond and before this milestone I continue to keep myself busy with working and saving money, as well as being healthy physically and emotionally. I am looking forward to summer activities, such as going to the spa with my mom, working day camp and my typical office job (while hunting for a new one to broaden my horizons), and searching for local auditions that may be suitable for me. It wouldn't hurt for any theatre companies to put on any of my favorite shows I haven't done or had a lead role in yet too...right?
The end of the summer should be the most fun! I bought tickets to see Jeff Dunham in Los Angeles at the Dolby!!! Yes where they have the Oscars! But more importantly Jeff Dunham! I've been a fan a while now, watching him and my favorite of his characters Peanut on YouTube following him on social media and listening to his autobiography online.
 I was also fortunate enought to befriend his wife Audrey on Facebook and we've exchanged small statements to one another. I am enamoured with how in love they are, and super excited for the birth of their twin sons this fall!

School's...well, grade school's, out for...ever!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tony, Tony!

Well, the Tony Awards are this weekend! I haven't gotten too connected with some of the nominated shows, because I only recently got my 24 hour access to the web back, but from what I've seen of Something Rotten! and Fun Home they seem like the top contenders. As for plays, Hand to God may have a chance with its crude sock puppet demon, but I personally believe The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime will come out on top.
It speaks to the minds of those who have autism and gives insight to those who don't on how a person with the condition may view the world. Alex Sharp plays a 15 year old, but he himself is a talented 25 year old Julliard graduate. And I believe single...?
Nope, sorry! No love life fantasies yet!

Anyway I printed a ballot form online, but am still torn between some nominees, to which I double marked in some categories. Just have to see what the American Theatre Wing decides this Sunday at 8, only on CBS!