Friday, May 15, 2015

Whipped Into Shape

My so called laptop has not been cooperative. It's a struggle but this is the perfect way for me to get back on track and change the one "F" I have into something better.
Anyway I have just started a small unit of diet and nutrition in my dance class, and have been inspired. I notice that even when I do eat healthily I indulge in sugary sweets a lot of times.

 So two days this week I have started the day with a smoothie and tried to ration my intake in snacks and small meals, as well as make healthy choices in what I put in my body for lunch to give me the proper kickstart. I had Chipotle one afternoon with lean meats and fresh veggies in some tacos, and finished off with a BLT dinner with my family and a protein powder smoothie for dessert. Just yesterday I made myself some homemade chicken soup for dinner and a raspberry chocolate mousse.

I can honestly say I felt good mentally and physically when I made these choices in my diet. So from now on I am going to try and remember that sweets should be rare, maybe a treat after maintaining healthy choices for a period of time. If I eat healthy I can give myself energy to get back out and rehearse and audition and exercise. It's what's best.