Friday, April 17, 2015

The Final Countdown

My graduation countdown has begun. Two months from now I'll have donned that cap and gown and earned my high school diploma. I am busy as usual keeping up with my classes I still need to pass.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was recently a new stage production, but with a few different elements that are definitely not Disney material but more to the original novel.

Nonetheless I fell in love with the show, even if it was just through Internet streaming. The cast was superb, held together with leading man Michael Arden as Quasimodo.

He actually incorporates sign language in his dialogue due to the character's deafness, and administers a speech impediment and various twists and limps in his body movement.

Although Arden is clearly at one with the hunchback, when singing you hear the clear tenderness and heart from within him. His songs are perfectly fit for his voice, which includes a spectacular belt.

Okay I'm rambling, but I may have found my second Constantine no doubt!

Back to high school.

Prom is May 2nd and I was asked creatively by a sweet friend. My powder blue one shoulder gown is sitting in a garment bag in my closet, either waiting to be worn or to go to the dry cleaning since its hem and train is a clear sign multiple girls tried it on at the boutique before I could reach it.

I haven't heard anything recently by last I checked I was in the list for Prom Queen! I had fantasies about it after seing it on TV as a kid by never thoughtit would happen to a person as awkward as I was, and probably still am.

Just going to watch time fly by like that...