Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Take Care

Talent show and audition have passed.

The show was okay, the audition was pretty great, despite waiting for hours outside as it got colder and colder.

I'm very picky with myself about how I perform. Personally I don't think I did well either of the performances for the talent show....well, not true. There were some moments I did pretty good.

But there were moments I hated, even though I knew people would cheer and clap for me like crazy and tell me I was fantastic no matter what.

I'm just going to put this all behind me; I can be too hard on myself. Just going to have to grin and bear it for now.

Nothing new for now...oh except that the talent show performance won't be my last at RHSA (my high school)

I have learned that a senior showcase is being put together. I don't know if it's for acting, singing, dancing or even all three, but I'll just have to learn more before planning ahead of myself on this.

Work is nice and steady, I have a good salary. I've saved over 600 dollars in the bank, which I am very proud of. I'm aiming for the thousands so I have enough to pay for my own auditions, whether airfare to another state or any fee needed to pay.
It's time for me to start doing things on my own again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Re-Consider Yourself

A slight change over the weekend.

An availability came up with the photographer on Saturday instead, so I put on my full makeup and got some outfits together and off we went.
We being my mom and I.

I got some great pictures that I can choose to use at the audition.

With that in mind, because of the change of plans I was unable to go audition for my friends and their company cabaret benefit. No worries; I'm sure plenty of alumni are offering their support as well.

Oh, and the talent show is this Friday. Expect a video from my YouTube channel a few days after.

Alright, well, this was just a heads up post. Stick around for more!

Friday, February 13, 2015

I Hope I Get It

My Valentines Day will not consist of romance and flowers with chocolate I am depressed to say. I did get a beautiful poem from a friend today, though.
Does this mean he's had a crush on me? I've kinda always thought of him as just a friend...

Okay moving on this is awkward to talk about in here.

My weekend should still be pretty eventful, as well as this coming Wednesday.
I have some friends who run a family oriented theatre company, and they are putting together a fundraiser dinner and cabaret to raise money for a new performance space, while the college theater they normally have available goes under construction. I've decided to help out by auditioning for the performance line up.
I have chosen the song "Spark of Creation" from a Children of Eden; it was one of the first songs I ever performed in high school and I am sure it will have improved since then thanks to Ann.

Sunday is my little sisters 14th birthday, and she has a sleepover planned with some girlfriends.
I don't mind, I have an appointment to get new headshots that morning anyways! I'm so excited!

Not to be cruel, but I really hate my original ones; the photographer changed my eye color, and my eyebrows were undone and I had very little makeup on.

Anyway, Wednesday is the audition for Les Miserables. I've prepared the final bars of "Someone Like You" to perform for it. I think it suits a character like Eponine, about an impossible romance with longing and real power in the voice, just like "On my Own" .
Plus I'm really good at it!

Sorry, bitchiness again.

So those are my plans for's hoping yours are more romantic and full of love than mine will be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Climbing UpHill

Well, some of you may already know that I didn't make it to the next phase of auditions, and that's okay. It was good enough to have the experience. I'll just move on and continue getting the professional look.

I have an older friend who is a fellow actress, and she gets her headshots taken by her neighbor. We'll exchange information soon enough.

Auditions for a local production of Les Miserables is in two weeks, and I'm vying for Eponine. I love her songs and her story of pining for love.
I've even practiced her death for months, trying to perfect a faint last shudder of air before falling limp.
It's still not quite right, so I'll keep rehearsing just in case I am fortunate in my endeavors at the audition.

The talent show at school is on the 20th. I'll be singing a song that I love and that I personally think is the proper way to end my high school story: A New Life from the show Jekyll and Hyde.

(...which I stupidly passed on seeing back when the revival was touring two years ago. I am now as a lot of you know a Constantine Maroulis superfan so it really gets to me now looking back on that)

Anyway, I have a special wardrobe planned, unlike the last talent shows I've done where I just wore a dress or blouse and skirt. I have a little black dress and a kimono I got from my father years ago when he went to Japan on a business trip.
Red, just like Lucy's! (those who don't know, the character who sings the song)

I will have my hair done, full stage makeup with false eyelashes. I am on the hunt for my character shoes, because clearly no other shoes I own will go with what I just described.

I'm going out of Renaissance High with a ginormous... In the words of Fanny Brice "one shot, one gunshot and BAM!"

Well, I won't be out yet; graduation isn't for five more months! :>