Friday, January 30, 2015

Chances Are

I write this sitting in a hot lime coconut bath salted tub. Since waking up I have walked from class to class with a serious ache in the muscles of my left lower back and gloot. Once I got home a self given massage just wasn't helping, so the next best thing...?

It feels nice to get to have a little time to myself to think about tomorrow and what I need to have with me and look forward to-

Let's see: legal ID and social security number are a must; I am not having another Price is Right moment when it comes to auditioning for The Voice! If you must ask I'll explain it later.

A good outfit and plenty of natural looking makeup to bring out my physical beauty and big personality.

(Okay at this point on I'm out of the bath and dressed)

Of course, my song of choice is what runs through my head the next twelve hours, even while I'm asleep. It's an adjustment to sing Harden my Heart in its original key when I first heard and learned it from another.

As for nerves, I don't really feel nervous. I mean, it's a once and a lifetime opportunity if you get chosen to go on the actual show and audition for the judges. Some are lucky, some are not. That's how it is.

Okay, I'm just going to buck up and do this.

And if you're still wondering about the whole Price is Right ordeal with my ID and SS ask my brother or parents, it's something they're also never sure to forget.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Call Me Maybe

Bad title right? I couldn't think of another song that had to do with phones, since now...

I have one again!!!

Just getting it all settled now; buying back music, putting in contacts, and so on.

Short entry...just wanted you all to know.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't Stop Believing!

Rock of Ages closed on Broadway yesterday. My thoughts? 

It is an amazing story of how it has changed people's lives, and not just mine. Kids of my generation have been converted to love 80's rock!

Families were brought together; Jeremy Jordan was an understudy in the original cast, and his wife was later cast as Sherrie.
Constantine had a beautiful woman come into his life, and together they have a precious little daughter.

Most of all, the show is just plain FUN! You can't help singing along to the songs because you know them.

I really can't think of anything else to really is emotional now after seeing footage of the final final song.

So I'll just close this entry by thanking the writers, producers, and all the cast and crew that have come and gone through the six rockin' years.

And Constantine most of all, for helping me discover what an incredible story it is.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

NYC: The Finale!


Next morning, October 12th.

I had spent the night falling in and out of sleep, most likely the pounding in my ears was still from the loud music and audience from the show.
Eventually I managed to get my eyes to close for a good period of slumbering.

Now I was awake and starting to feel the kick ins of the harsh reality that I would be on the plane headed home in a matter of hours.
After emerging from the shower and starting to pick up my outfit from the night before, stray pieces of glitter fell out of pockets and crevices. I hurriedly stuck them inside the pages of my notebook to save.
It all definitely felt like it had been a wonderful dream, even though I knew it hadn't been.

Once Mom and I had everything packed and sent to the lobby to put on hold, I didn't have a clue on what to do; we had until 3:30 to get t the airport, and I had no ideas.

Mom however, did have some suggestions.

We walked up the street towards the Public Library, the stone lions catching my eye and making me think of The Wiz.
However we took a long loop around until we came upon Bryant Park and the Bryant Park Grill. We decided to have a little brunch before going back to the library.

There was no way we'd go through the whole building and make it out before we had to, so we just went up near the children's section at first. Inside is what drew me in: the original stuffed animals that inspired the Winnie the Pooh books.

It was really fascinating to see how much they preserved and what great shape they all seemed to be in.
 The rest of the library we saw had lots of old artifacts from different periods of time; one particularly caught my eye.
My English teacher is a big fan of Henry David Thoreau, so what are the odds that a display showed a first edition of his book...
as well as a photograph of him. Pretty well kept I might add.
When we finished we headed back to Times Square so Mom could buy a present for my sister, who is a big fan of Bethany Mota. We got her a blouse and shirt from her clothing line.
With still some time to spare I found a Broadway memorabilia and music store and looked at some scores and behind the scenes books.
Doing some more walking and then we found Schmackery's cookies, which I had been hoping to find thanks to recommendation by Rock of Ages cast members. It was smaller than I expected, just like the theatre had been.
To my surprise, the cookie was very, very sweet, and I cannot actually overdo super sweet things or my stomach REALLY hurts. So I did what had to be done and threw it away to my Mom's dismay.
It was time to start walking back to the hotel and get our bags. On our way we happened to pass by the Helen Hayes one final time. I slowed down a bit to take a last look.
As it turns out, the matinee was just starting, and I heard the opening lyrics to "Just Like Paradise/Nothing But a Good Time".
I waited and listened then heard Constantine sing his opening line.
Yes it was that powerful I heard it through the door and wall. I sighed, Mom smiled at me.
We caught a cab to take us to the hotel but were booted out once it came to Grand Central. Just a tiny walk and we were back at the hotel.
As Mom picked up our things from the front desk, I looked back on all we had did in such a short trip. My mom was amazing to put aside time to do this for me, for my birthday. I was so fortunate that she was such an amazing thoughtful person.
I proposed we take a selfie right there.
This had been such an unreal experience. Hopefully people will travel cross country to watch me perform one day in this amazing city.
Maybe I'd get the chance to perform with some of the talent I saw at the show; oh God if I could sing a duet with Constantine, I wouldn't care whatever happened to me after that.
Okay duh, yes I would, but come on?
Mom and I stepped out to the curb and a taxi pulled up. As we started towards the freeway to JFK, I started crying. I am not ashamed to say this; I cried tears of both happiness and sorrow.
This was goodbye New York, for now. I'll be back soon.
I promise.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Come on Down...I Want You!

Happy 2015 everyone. I have to say, it's going to be a crazy start.

School starts up again tomorrow. Uuuuuugh. But no matter, and why you may ask? Because I don't have to go on Tuesday!

You know why?

Duh duh duh da! Duh duh duh da! Duh duh da da da....You get the picture.

That's right! Mom and Dad are taking my brother and I to The Price is Right! Let's hope that the producers notice my spunk and slip a note to the announcer who will say:

"Shannon Wynne, come on down!"

If so, I can't tell anybody until after the episode airs, which may take awhile.

Another thing I may not confide in you is...well some of you may already know this. Only about two weeks after visiting TPIR, I have my biggest audition to date!

That's right again!

I'm still debating over my song, which will be sung to the producers to start with. I need to look way back at a song I can do that has nothing to do with Broadway.

Boy, that's gonna be hard.

Well, that's all for now. Most likely next will be the final part of my New York diary, so keep your eyes peeled.