Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let's Start the New Year Right

The holidays have come and gone, pretty nice and simple with some thoughtful presents exchanged.

Now the new year is upon us.

It's been quite an eventful twelve months, from graduating high school and starting life as a college student to performing in my very first professional show and finishing my last assignments and activities in Long Beach Camp Fire.

My family stays their same lovable selves, and we've gained some new additions, with relatives marrying during these times and expecting new bundles of joy in the coming new year.

I have enrolled in my next semester, but I am still looking forward to some auditions in my area; I've been scheduled for one next week actually, and am waiting on others for request.

I have made three resolutions for the new year:

  • to smile more. I'm not one to smile all the time, even when I'm happy. Trust me, I've had so much to smile about this past year, and I hope they'll be even more.

  • start earning money again. I am still unemployed but still searching for a part time day job, but am also watching auditions for paying gigs to be on the safe side

and finally, all I really want this next year is to keep being myself. I don't want to have to change for anything or anyone; people need to know that this is the real me.

Happy New Year everybody.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Letter

Dear friends, family, and loyal readers,

It's been quite the year for me and my family.  We engaged in some pretty nice holiday activities, such as caroling around the neighborhood, baking and decorating sugar cookies and a gingerbread house, and buying presents for  each other and the rest of the people we love.

I of course started and completed my first semester of community college, and just enrolled for my next one. My younger sister is in her freshman year of high school and my older brother is in his junior year at Reed College in Portland, but he's home for the next few weeks for break.
He is considering law school after receiving his undergrad.

Mom and Dad are coming up on their 30th wedding anniversary this March and continue to do great work in their jobs.

As for my acting, I haven't had any luck since CHESS but it's not like I'll be giving up anytime soon. However I am certain to apply for a part time job in the meantime to start making some spare cash to spend and save.
I will continue to keep a close eye on upcoming opportunities; I do have an exclusive heads up on Rock of Ages at La hasn't even been officially announced!

Keep on being kind and loving to one another in the coming new year.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love, Shannon

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Moment Chages Everything

Ok, the FROZEN audition isn't happening anymore.

I've been trying to find a Metro train route, but none of them go all the way to Burbank, where the audition is being held. So that's off the table.

On the bright side, I can start my Christmas shopping; after all a week from tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Mmm, I smell something good downstairs! Must be dinner!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Free As a Bird

My first semester of college is OVER!

I suppose it went by fast, for starting in August. I don't even remember much of my earlier classes being any different than how they ended.

Now the holiday season has arrived. I went to the mall with my mom and sure enough there were Christmas themed scents at Bath and Body Works and ornaments in the Hallmark store, and the big Santa HQ set up was bustling with young children and their parents wanting to snap a great photo.

I have a few potential ideas for the gifts I would like to receive and the ones to get for my family, but right now I'm just concerned about having the money for it. I am going to return that application for a waitressing job tomorrow and hopefully be saving more and spending less of my entire bank account!

Our tree is here and all decorated, looking so beautifully perfect for this year's Christmas. Not all decorations are on there though; we always save some for my brother to add on when he comes home for the winter break. Next week I believe...

I haven't had any audition luck still, but that could all change. There are auditions for Disney on the 17th for the upcoming stage adaption of FROZEN that will take the place of the Aladdin show in California Adventure! I totally should go! I know the music and the characters, and rehearsed "Let it Go" with Anne before.
Speaking of Anne I'll be caroling with her on Sunday around the neighborhood. We did it once before with my aunt and uncle, long before I started lessons with or knew my teacher. It should be fun doing it again!

Well, that's all for now. Heads up: who knows when I'll be posting again, since I'm going to try for a new job. But I'll try to keep up.

Christmas promise!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anything Goes

I've got time on my hands to update you all on what's happening. All I was just doing is watching videos of Raquel Welch...damn, I hope I look that good when I'm her age! She's seventy three and still Smokin'!

Anyway, I went to another audition on Tuesday at that company that just wrapped up The Addams Family, this time for Beauty and the Beast.
I was so lucky to remember the whole bus ordeal from last time, so I left the house at 8 that morning, and managed to get through the door of the building 30 minutes early!

Unfortunately, I was totally unaware that the non union actors would be the very last to audition- 7 hours later!!!!!!!!

I sat around for so long doing absolutely nothing. Well, at least when I got bored with my phone. Sure they let us have a break for lunch at 2:30, but come on? A break from waiting?

I just had to suck it up: waiting around is a huge part of the business, whether at an audition or waiting hopefully for that call.

I talked with a few people, but only for a short time. Mostly I had questions about what their backgrounds and latest experiences were.

Much later, I saw a cast mate from Chess come in! He had a long chat with me about his history with the company and the kinds of auditions he had been on, being a couple decades older than me.

When I at last went in, I was so ready, but still nervous. Yeah, even I get nervous!
Anyway, earlier the woman in charge had told us that if any girls were auditioning for Belle or Mrs. Potts they wanted to hear their songs if we knew them. Luckily, I have known Belle's song "Home" for years, and worked on it with my vocal teacher.

I have to say, when my turn came, I felt that I was putting more emotion into the song as I sang it, unlike some girls I had heard previously who were just trying to get the sound right.

Don't get me wrong, I made sure of that too!

The panel seemed to like me. They said words of praise and thanked me for coming in. I kept a smile on and a cheerful attitude in mind as I interacted with them before and after.

Now it just depends if I get an email by tomorrow.

Outside the theatre world, I'm back to writing again! I have almost finished a short young adult story that I will be publishing online. I don't want to talk about what goes on in it, but I'm nineteen now so it is partially very adult...!

Speaking of being nineteen, I don't feel the slightest bit older. Sure, looking at home movies I've seen I obviously changed, but after just turning a year older, it's no different than when I was eighteen.

Except that my writing has gotten a bit know...

ok, not gonna go there. Best to everybody!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Food Glorious Food #3- A Simple Chicken Dinner

Just tried this amazing recipe I thought off the top of my head, and I can't believe how amazing it turned out! I knew I had to share it here, so take a look at my wonderful chicken dinner.

I gave it a side of rice and toasted French bread.
Simple Chicken Dinner
Thawed boneless chicken, as many as you wish
Mirepoix AKA diced onions, celery and carrots
A minced clove of garlic
A sprinkle of salt and fresh pepper
A dash of dried or fresh parsley
A splash of low sodium chicken stock
1 tablespoon of olive oil
In a heated skillet pan, drizzle olive oil. Add mirepoix and garlic, sprinkling on salt, pepper and parsley. Stir and let tenderize. Add chicken with salt and pepper and chicken stock. Cook until tender and completely through.
Serve with rice or potatoes warm.

Happy cooking!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Time After Time

I know, just read the title again...
I closed CHESS a few weeks ago. It was a great run with a bunch of talented people who I loved getting to know, including our director and fearless leading man Jonas. He fought so hard to have the show up and running and it certainly couldn't have been done without his leadership.

He's having surgery today for gallstones...we're all sending positive vibes and messages to him. Good luck Jonas!

My nineteenth birthday came and went October 30th, and I went to my very first college party for it! My dad had just gotten home from intense throat surgery, so I had to go by taxi, which was quite an ordeal.
The GPS showed the house the party was at as right in front of where we drove by, but the number was nowhere to be found. It turns out it was in an alleyway after looping around the neighborhood. The driver was great sport about it, and even took some money of the meter!

I did a homemade Sherrie costume, complete with a blonde wig and red bolero and skirt with fishnets and a big belt.

I actually had a big ordeal with the wig- I ended up returning the first because it wasn't a one size fits all like it had said on the ad. I have to say I prefer the second one I got, even though it didn't have any crimps in it.

Midterms  few by like a breeze thank goodness! With nothing very academic, they were just easy as pie! I rewrote my fictional manuscript, which I am so proud of, passed my theatre forum exam with flying colors, and performing a self written monologue the best I could.

The monologue in question happened to be about my Rock of Ages audition experience... if you haven't read about it already on here, check it out!

In other news, I refunded my tickets to Breaking Through. Unfortunately Constantine had serious family matters to take care of and had to drop out mid rehearsal. But I am so happy to know that everything is fine now, and he's even now signed with JLS Artist Management, with new music and a new show in the works! Couldn't be more happy for him!

I'm going to try and keep up with the blogging again, don't worry. Lately I've just been slacking off, so it's time to change that.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another Opening, Another Show

Tonight is our final rehearsal for CHESS. Opening night is tomorrow at 8.

I don't believe I've done a production with such a lengthy run; I only have done maybe four shows at the most.
High school productions were only for two nights.

CHESS is having nine performances- four evenings and five matinees.

If you're near my area for the next two weeks, you can find links to tickets on my Facebook page, along with a few rehearsal photos...

and headshots that I have to say weren't particularly my best. I guess I didn't have enough makeup on for either one.

Oh well.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


It's been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks- it would take me forever to explain, at least with exact  details, but I wouldn't even want to.

I am enjoying the college life; great classes, great professors and classmates. A few cute boys that I've gotten to know...

I am in the middle of finishing a manuscript for my creative fictional writing class, and will need to print copies for all my peers as well as submit it via the Internet to my teacher.

Right now I am unemployed having quit my job, but I am hoping that I will be taken into consideration by the restaurants I intend to apply to that are in my neighborhood and college campus area.
I have been hard at work nonetheless, in rehearsals for Chess. It has taken up a majority of my free time, which is a good eye opener to how some areas of the industry can be. I'm still having a great time, having become friendly with some great people and getting to learn a whole new musical score.
(As you probably may already know or suspect, I did not audition for Little Shop of Horrors due to commitment to Chess.)

I still have tickets to see Constantine Maroulis in an all new show called breaking Through this November, and I am so excited! His birthday is next week and I am sure the rest of my fellow fans will be sending him countless cards and presents to help him celebrate.
I have a present planned, but it just makes more sense to me to wait and give it to him in person, just like I did way back when at Rock of Ages.

So you can tell I've been very busy and will continue to be for the next few weeks. I may make room to do another post, but only my timeframe can tell.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's A Small World After All

Exciting last couple of days!

D23 was as exciting as I had hoped. Seeing the Muppets and their performers in person was like I could have been dreaming the whole thing!
And interacting with them!!! That was a whole other ball game! Luckily I don't have to go into too much detail of how hysterical I was that I almost couldn't speak. Audio of the panel has already been released courtesy of a fellow Muppet fan who was also there.

If you don't want to bother with the whole thing, skip to 40 minutes in.

I just couldn't believe it! To see Steve Whitmire and Dave Goelz with Rizzo, Kermit and Gonzo, and Bill Barretta with Pepe, Eric Jacobson with Fozzie and Animal and Matt Vogel with Floyd and Uncle was just, wow.

My question just popped into my head after I calmed down, so I actually didn't ask my true one.

I totally meant it about all of them singing wise. You should hear Bill as Dr. Teeth!
And Steve...gosh! My Instagram friend Miranda and I are just nuts about him.

He totally rocks this song, along with the legendary Jerry Nelson and Kevin Clash!

Anyways, that was the most exciting part of the day, but there were some other pretty great moments too.
For instance we walked right past a signing table and there was Ed Asner! For those in my generation, he was Carl Fredricksen in "Up" and Santa Claus in "Elf".
Just next to him was Kim Possible herself Christy Carlson Romano! She said hi to me and even offered to take a picture. I was totally for it...until I saw the people in charge were making people pay for doing it.

So we moved on.

Right across from Christy I saw a woman with pictures of Jane from "Mary Poppins" around her. It was her! She must have been the one who played her as a little girl! That was pretty cool.

We did get a picture with some people though, like Allison, one of the pros from Dancing with the Stars, and some cosplayers who had amazing costumes for the convention's contest.
All in all, it was a pretty great day.

Monday was my audition for Chess, and to my delight, they said they loved my voice and asked me back the following night. I obliged and came back willing and ready. That night we were taught a verse on the spot to test our harmonizing.

I am happy to say I did very well and the next night I got an email and phone call to offer me a featured role in the show!
I was so excited, but also conflicted. They knew about my next audition because I had explained it when I saw that the show's first rehearsal was that same night. However the director told me I could go to the audition but afterwards needed my full commitment to the show.

How will I? What if the Little Shop audition goes better and I actually get a lead role? They don't want me to drop out once I've been cast!
I suppose I'd have to turn it down, or just hope I don't get considered.

Okay I'm going to stop thinking about that now. For now it's about going to the Jeff Dunham special taping on Saturday!

I'm going to leave everything at that. I am unsure whether I'll be able to talk about it afterwards, but I can tell you to tune in September 17th on NBC when the show airs, and just hope I can be spotted with my dad from the mezzanine.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Good Day Sunshine!

As the summer for me is quickly drawing to a close and my first day of college approaches, I am making the days last!

I restart voice lessons this Tuesday after Anne has been on vacation. She actually came back last week, but I had to move my lesson because I was working my final FINAL week at day camp and wasn't available.
I have been going t that cam since second grade, and now to be done with it? Sure, it's pretty sad...

Anyways, the rest of the week should be exciting- that coming Friday, I have a ticket at the D23 expo at Disney! I have seen so much photos and film from all the exhibitions, concerts and programs that go on during this weekend, and am so excited to get to go even if it is only for one day.
But the real reason I'm going, is Muppets!

Yes, just like Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquism, I am an avid Muppet fan, and there is a special opportunity Friday morning to attend a panel titled "The Magic Behind the Muppets".
It is said that there will be some surprise guests and even a once and a lifetime demonstration on what those amazing puppeteers do to make the Muppets come to life!

How could I skip such a special day?!!!

Following that weekend, I am going to an audition right here in my hometown for a production of the musical Chess. I'm so fortunate that it is being held at a facility I am familiar with and have been to before; my high school does all its dance performances at said location.

Next on the itinerary will be Jeff Dunham's "Unhinged in Hollywood" taping on the 22nd. I was so lucky to have snagged tickets so early thanks to a post on Facebook regarding presales.

 I'm excited to see what new material he has planned, and for my favorite of his characters- Peanut!

And finally at the end of the month I plan to go to an open call for Little Shop of Horrors. I have done the show before, playing a member of the Skid Row community and even puppeteering for Audrey 2.

However I am still waiting for the day I get to play Audrey; I have tried mastering her Brooklyn tongue and have sung her songs and practiced her death scene over and over for the last six years!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you all know by now how committed I am...

So that will be the end to my summer, but the fun won't stop there. I just bought tickets for a brand new musical premiering in Pasadena called Breaking Through, starring that handsome Greek you know I still love Constantine!

I am so excited to see him again- we've sort of kept in touch via Twitter, but only really met in person back in October at Rock of Ages. So it'll be nice to watch him perform and meet him at the stage door, with a belated birthday gift on hand. I still can't believe he's going to be forty!

I'm starting off college the right way, huh?!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Food Glorious Food #2- Apple Dumplinngs

Hi! Writing straight from the kitchen again, with an all new recipe!

I came up with the idea to make apple dumplings a few weeks ago, and actually was concerned at not having everything. Luckily Mom let me know we had plenty to use so I could make what I wanted.

So here's the recipe I'm using today~

Apple Dumplings

3 apples, one Granny Smith, Gala, and Red Delicious
Biscuit or pancake mix OR homemade dough
Powdered sugar

Heat oven to 375 degrees F.

Peel and chop apples, toss with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Cover with plastic and set in fridge for a minute.

Measure out mix and milk and stir together. Add sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg and stir. Add apples and mix all together.

Drop small portions into hot pan of vegetable oil and cook until golden brown on both sides. Drain and dust with powdered sugar

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food Glorious Food #1- Basil & Garlic Chicken

Hey, how about two entries in one day? Sounds good to me!

I'm in the midst of cooking myself dinner, so I thought I'd share my chicken recipe I'm using today.

(Pause. Rice bubbling over!) (Okay we're all good! NOO! we're not!!)

Okay, I just took the rice off while I write.

Anyways, here's my special chicken breast recipe.

Shannon's Basil & Garlic Chicken Breasts

2 chicken breasts (if frozen, thaw with hot water)

1 clove of garlic

A sprinkle of basil, black pepper and fresh ground sea salt

Olive oil or cooking spray

Thaw chicken if frozen. Gather other ingredients. Chop garlic into small pieces. Rub salt, pepper, basil and garlic onto chicken.

Add oil or spray to pan, put chicken inside. Cook until golden on edges, then flip to the other side. Repeat.

There we go. Try it, enjoy it! Got to get the rice back to the stove.

Dream On, until your dreams come true...

Tuesday July 21st was my biggest and most stressful audition of my life.

I donned my denim skirt and Sherrie inspired belt, and slathered on makeup as best as I know how. Dad was already awake, thank goodness, and it was a typical quiet morning.

I kept thinking  about what would happen- would there be a lot of people there? Would any of them turn out to get the gig and I'd see their pictures as their role of the show's Facebook page?

Would I get the gig?! Despite having a whole future to train and look forward to many more opportunities close to home?

Dad and I left around 1 to beat the crowds on the freeway. I sipped on some water, trying to loosen my throat.

We stopped to get a sandwich from Subway to stop my headache and fatigue- most likely not enough eating, but I also blame the tiniest hint of stress.

I was surprised when we reached the audition location. It was so small but seemed so obvious- a typical dance studio, right above a little empanada restaurant.

Dad insisted he walk upstairs with me, of course. It may have look suspicious from the outside to any parent.
But right up there was a large studio with just six other young adults sitting, reading sheet music and scripts. This was the place.

I signed in and Dad told me to call him when it was over. I joined the others, but felt kind of out of place.

Some of them looked only a year or two older and had much bigger resumes and better looking headshots. A vast majority knew each other, especially after more started to arrive.

I looked over my things and slipped on my character shoes. After realizing I left my water in the car, I went in search of a water fountain, which I found along with peppermints that could block any potential onion breath from my sandwich.

As I continued to wait, an older woman came in, with a beautiful purple sweater, killer black boots and black and white headshot. Obviously she was auditioning for Justice, owner of the Venus Club, a strip joint Sherrie works in for a period of time.

I complimented her on the photo and sweater and boots, and she thanked me. Turns out, her name was Sherrie!

My name was called soon after and I thought this is it!!!!!

I walked in and to my surprise only two women on the panel, minus the accompanist at the piano.

"What will you be singing for us today?"
"I am going to do the audition portion of High Enough."

I heard the opening chords and began to sing. I started out carefully but with emotion, imagining the loss of someone I had hoped would love me.
I speak whisper the words "I just made one mistake.."

I tried bracing myself to continue into a slight belt on the word "Baby!"
Big mistake. I felt the strain in my whole throat and neck. Have to take it back down a notch.

I did the rest of the song doing a careful but soft head voice belt, mostly on the chorus. I something come over me by the time I was at the last phrase and quietly finished:

"It's never over, yesterday's just a memory.."

The chords of the piano faded and the women praised and thanked me.

Well, it could have gone better. I guess I'd have to wait until next time. I said thank you back and left the room.

More faces had appeared in the studio, most of them also friends with the others who were still there when I had arrived.
That woman Sherrie walked past me and into the other room. I guess she was next. I grabbed my things and stood nearby the door.

Her voice was so powerful I could hear it through the walls. She was amazing; she would be the perfect Justice if they gave her the gig!

I called Dad and he was on his way over. I sat at the bottom of the stairs and waited, quietly listen to the show soundtrack, mouthing the words to the part I had hoped to book.

I knew that wouldn't happen this time around.

Sherrie appeared by the stairs next to me and we began chatting. I told her I had overheard her and thought she was amazing.
She asked about my past experiences and when I told her I was still pretty young, she told me about all the time I would have to do so many amazing things with my career. It really helped me forget my disappointment.

Dad pulled up. Both Sherrie and I walked out together, wishing each other luck. My taste of the big leagues was over...for now.

Dad took me for an ice cream at the Farmer's Market, and then we took a very long drive home.

Satisfied or not, it had been a good day.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Land of Opportunity

My audition experience on Thursday was definitely a lot more different than the ones I've had in the past - mainly because I had to result to a whole new mode of carpooling...well, the bus. So is that still a carpool of sorts?
 No, I guess not.

9 a.m. I boarded my first bus, taking a little under ten minutes to get to the stop I had to get off at. Not a bad start.

My next bus came and I could release a long breath of relief as the ride was just a little longer; this wasn't hard at all. No problem! I was doing fine!

But then once I got off, The Waiting Game began. Soon it was fifteen minutes until the audition...then ten...five...
The next and final bus arrived 10 minutes after the audition was scheduled to begin.

I didn't let it get to me, I had to keep cool. It wouldn't make this any better.

Once I got off and had to walk the rest of the way, I started to relax some more. Come on, you just have to make the better of a situation. I plugged into my music and started power-walking to "Don't Stop Believin'".

I made it to the building, where thankfully, some people were still arriving themselves thank goodness. I had totally overreacted- it was a non-equity no pre-appointment audition, what was I to expect.

I signed in and studied the show's rehearsal schedule...mostly evenings, that would totally work with my classes. (Yes, I've started scheduling and such!)

I just waited a long while, nursing my large bottled water to coat my throat, like I had been while sitting under the hot sun at each bus stop. I looked over my sheet music, freshened up in the girl's room.
I discovered two old friends of mine were also there and we said hi to each other!

Waiting continued after that. My friends went in, then left once they were through.

Finally a staff member called in everyone who was left in the room, including me. We all stood around and she gave us the order of who would go when...
eeep! I was first!

 Butterflies started, and I took a deep quaking breath.
I had this- I know I did. "Harden My heart" was a hard song, but I knew it and could handle it! I had practiced the best ways I knew how.

My name was called. I followed the woman into the next room. A panel of friendly faces greeted me, and I smiled, relaxing. That was pretty comforting.
I handed the music director the sheets and took my place. The opening chords played, another deep breath and I began to sing:

Darling, in my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd go....whoah-oh!
But it's time to let you know...ooh whoah oh....
I'm gonna harden my heart. I'm gonna swallow my tears, I'm gonna turn and leave you-ooh here!

I don't mean to brag, but I was so surprised. I killed it!

The staff seemed to agree, with one saying "Killer singing!" and another "I love that song!"
I smiled, thanked them and was led out of the room. I wouldn't hear anything until the next morning via email.

As I walked back down the street from which I came, my pride suddenly tuned to 'oh crap!'
Was I going to have to deal with that bus drama again?

I called my dad and luckily he said he'd pick me up after I took one bus back to the 2nd stop. Once I was in the car he asked how it went, and for once! I happily explained what had happened and how satisfied I was with my performance. I was certain I had a shot!

Unfortunately, I heard nothing back. But I really didn't care; I was happier with my general audition than I would be if I got the part or not.
Good thing too...because my next audition his Tuesday is most definitely the BIGGEST!

Freakin' Rock of Ages! In Las Vegas!

Sure, there's no way in hell they'd hire an eighteen year old kid, just barely starting life, but it's the experience! It's not every day a young actor gets an opportunity to go in for a shot at being part of a global icon!

Even if the shot doesn't even go off.

I'm taking that chance. It's what this business is about.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fireworks, Paychecks and Auditions...oh my...

Look who's back!!

4th of July has come and gone, with me working day camp in to the holiday weekend. A bit sentimental, because that was my last time at that camp for a long time. I may go back as a supervisor in the future though, who knows?
Anyway 4th of July sent us to Crescent Bay in Newport, where I packed a sweet and savory summer salad courtesy of fellow but much more advanced blogger Audrey Dunham. Just go to and look under the section "Good Eating".
(I actually didn't have certain/left out some ingredients but it still tasted great! Mom and I were basically the only ones who ate it.)

Back at the beach, we all enjoyed the water and the sun, me being extremely cautious due to a previous nasty burn on my thigh that turned into agonizing pain and disgusting peeling from getting wet. Eeeeeww... Luckily I was able to play it safe enough, and only sunburned my left shoulder.
We headed home later to clean up before heading downtown, along with like maybe a thousand more people, to watch fireworks from the port. It was kind of weird to do this because we usually had traditions with family, but this year those activities weren't available so my aunt and uncle went to see her daughter and her family instead.
Nonetheless it was nice to do something different for a change. Back at home we all cut into a super sweet vanilla cake which mix we bought at Trader Joe's, and slathered it in fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Mmm-Mmm-Mmm!

Beyond the holiday weekend, I have continued working tow days a week with my aunt and uncle, and my recent paycheck, along with a gift for my graduation, has resulted in $700 exactly in my bank account!!
Ok Shannon, less transfers now! More saving! Maybe I could save enough to have a couple hundred left over from getting new headshots in the near future?
Not that I HATE my current ones; it would be nice if they looked like the ones I've seen all put together and nice in a Playbill.
Still I'll have to use a current one for an audition this week! The Addams Family in Anaheim- when I sang Wednesday's song for my voice teacher, she said I did it very healthily for belting and that I could have a shot!

I shall continue to get whatever chances I can to keep up with all you thousands of page viewers, (WOO-HOO!!) most certainly in the next two weeks! Just keep reading...mine AND Audrey's too! She's an awesome writer!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Little More Homework...? Nnneeooww!

Yesterday I graduated from high school.
I am finished with those twelve long years of learning, growing, and the best and worst moments of my life so far.
  Kind of a bad idea to start it by saying to my sister "Get out of my face!" Sorry, Lauren.

  So the ceremony began at three and I could not stop grinning as we entered to the esteemed orchestration of 'Pomp and Circumstance'. My family was right where icons see them, and I walked past waving as my dad and brother took pictures. It was a great ceremony!
 Lots of cheering for everyone as they received their diplomas, including an enthusiastic shout to me from my graduating class: "SLAY SHANNON!!!" Wow I'm really gonna miss Renaissance...

Beyond and before this milestone I continue to keep myself busy with working and saving money, as well as being healthy physically and emotionally. I am looking forward to summer activities, such as going to the spa with my mom, working day camp and my typical office job (while hunting for a new one to broaden my horizons), and searching for local auditions that may be suitable for me. It wouldn't hurt for any theatre companies to put on any of my favorite shows I haven't done or had a lead role in yet too...right?
The end of the summer should be the most fun! I bought tickets to see Jeff Dunham in Los Angeles at the Dolby!!! Yes where they have the Oscars! But more importantly Jeff Dunham! I've been a fan a while now, watching him and my favorite of his characters Peanut on YouTube following him on social media and listening to his autobiography online.
 I was also fortunate enought to befriend his wife Audrey on Facebook and we've exchanged small statements to one another. I am enamoured with how in love they are, and super excited for the birth of their twin sons this fall!

School's...well, grade school's, out for...ever!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tony, Tony!

Well, the Tony Awards are this weekend! I haven't gotten too connected with some of the nominated shows, because I only recently got my 24 hour access to the web back, but from what I've seen of Something Rotten! and Fun Home they seem like the top contenders. As for plays, Hand to God may have a chance with its crude sock puppet demon, but I personally believe The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime will come out on top.
It speaks to the minds of those who have autism and gives insight to those who don't on how a person with the condition may view the world. Alex Sharp plays a 15 year old, but he himself is a talented 25 year old Julliard graduate. And I believe single...?
Nope, sorry! No love life fantasies yet!

Anyway I printed a ballot form online, but am still torn between some nominees, to which I double marked in some categories. Just have to see what the American Theatre Wing decides this Sunday at 8, only on CBS!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Whipped Into Shape

My so called laptop has not been cooperative. It's a struggle but this is the perfect way for me to get back on track and change the one "F" I have into something better.
Anyway I have just started a small unit of diet and nutrition in my dance class, and have been inspired. I notice that even when I do eat healthily I indulge in sugary sweets a lot of times.

 So two days this week I have started the day with a smoothie and tried to ration my intake in snacks and small meals, as well as make healthy choices in what I put in my body for lunch to give me the proper kickstart. I had Chipotle one afternoon with lean meats and fresh veggies in some tacos, and finished off with a BLT dinner with my family and a protein powder smoothie for dessert. Just yesterday I made myself some homemade chicken soup for dinner and a raspberry chocolate mousse.

I can honestly say I felt good mentally and physically when I made these choices in my diet. So from now on I am going to try and remember that sweets should be rare, maybe a treat after maintaining healthy choices for a period of time. If I eat healthy I can give myself energy to get back out and rehearse and audition and exercise. It's what's best.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Final Countdown

My graduation countdown has begun. Two months from now I'll have donned that cap and gown and earned my high school diploma. I am busy as usual keeping up with my classes I still need to pass.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was recently a new stage production, but with a few different elements that are definitely not Disney material but more to the original novel.

Nonetheless I fell in love with the show, even if it was just through Internet streaming. The cast was superb, held together with leading man Michael Arden as Quasimodo.

He actually incorporates sign language in his dialogue due to the character's deafness, and administers a speech impediment and various twists and limps in his body movement.

Although Arden is clearly at one with the hunchback, when singing you hear the clear tenderness and heart from within him. His songs are perfectly fit for his voice, which includes a spectacular belt.

Okay I'm rambling, but I may have found my second Constantine no doubt!

Back to high school.

Prom is May 2nd and I was asked creatively by a sweet friend. My powder blue one shoulder gown is sitting in a garment bag in my closet, either waiting to be worn or to go to the dry cleaning since its hem and train is a clear sign multiple girls tried it on at the boutique before I could reach it.

I haven't heard anything recently by last I checked I was in the list for Prom Queen! I had fantasies about it after seing it on TV as a kid by never thoughtit would happen to a person as awkward as I was, and probably still am.

Just going to watch time fly by like that...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sing After Me

My voice teacher gave me a binder filled with soprano songs.

During our last lesson, we discovered together that starting with some songs in the higher range, it gave e a better insight for belting on the big and powerful pieces towards the end of our time.

I am very happy about this. Learning to do healthy and strong belting is what I have been wanting for a long time.
There were plenty of times when I used to sing a big song like "Wizard and I" or "Fine Fine Line" and I could feel the hoarseness from a crack in my vocal chords...but now!

I am so proud of myself for following my teacher's advice and moving forward to becoming an even better singer!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Only For Now

As I sit here on my couch in the front room of my house, I realize that...nothing productive is happening with me. Well, not much at least.

My vocal lessons are as usual. I'm working on getting strength back in my soprano, which actually is helping me do healthy belting on any big songs.
This is going to be great for coming in handy in the near future.

Lately I've just been imagining what I could do once I graduate.

More headshots, more audition opportunities! Mom even wants me to record an album of Broadway songs I can hand out to friends who could have connections!
She also told me about selling my own writing as eBooks on Amazon. We actually need to look into that a little more before settling on anything regarding that.

But right now I'll just plan my next video, fantasize playing my dream roles, and focus on earning that diploma. I'm almost where I want and need to be.

I just have to keep going.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Take Care

Talent show and audition have passed.

The show was okay, the audition was pretty great, despite waiting for hours outside as it got colder and colder.

I'm very picky with myself about how I perform. Personally I don't think I did well either of the performances for the talent show....well, not true. There were some moments I did pretty good.

But there were moments I hated, even though I knew people would cheer and clap for me like crazy and tell me I was fantastic no matter what.

I'm just going to put this all behind me; I can be too hard on myself. Just going to have to grin and bear it for now.

Nothing new for now...oh except that the talent show performance won't be my last at RHSA (my high school)

I have learned that a senior showcase is being put together. I don't know if it's for acting, singing, dancing or even all three, but I'll just have to learn more before planning ahead of myself on this.

Work is nice and steady, I have a good salary. I've saved over 600 dollars in the bank, which I am very proud of. I'm aiming for the thousands so I have enough to pay for my own auditions, whether airfare to another state or any fee needed to pay.
It's time for me to start doing things on my own again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Re-Consider Yourself

A slight change over the weekend.

An availability came up with the photographer on Saturday instead, so I put on my full makeup and got some outfits together and off we went.
We being my mom and I.

I got some great pictures that I can choose to use at the audition.

With that in mind, because of the change of plans I was unable to go audition for my friends and their company cabaret benefit. No worries; I'm sure plenty of alumni are offering their support as well.

Oh, and the talent show is this Friday. Expect a video from my YouTube channel a few days after.

Alright, well, this was just a heads up post. Stick around for more!

Friday, February 13, 2015

I Hope I Get It

My Valentines Day will not consist of romance and flowers with chocolate I am depressed to say. I did get a beautiful poem from a friend today, though.
Does this mean he's had a crush on me? I've kinda always thought of him as just a friend...

Okay moving on this is awkward to talk about in here.

My weekend should still be pretty eventful, as well as this coming Wednesday.
I have some friends who run a family oriented theatre company, and they are putting together a fundraiser dinner and cabaret to raise money for a new performance space, while the college theater they normally have available goes under construction. I've decided to help out by auditioning for the performance line up.
I have chosen the song "Spark of Creation" from a Children of Eden; it was one of the first songs I ever performed in high school and I am sure it will have improved since then thanks to Ann.

Sunday is my little sisters 14th birthday, and she has a sleepover planned with some girlfriends.
I don't mind, I have an appointment to get new headshots that morning anyways! I'm so excited!

Not to be cruel, but I really hate my original ones; the photographer changed my eye color, and my eyebrows were undone and I had very little makeup on.

Anyway, Wednesday is the audition for Les Miserables. I've prepared the final bars of "Someone Like You" to perform for it. I think it suits a character like Eponine, about an impossible romance with longing and real power in the voice, just like "On my Own" .
Plus I'm really good at it!

Sorry, bitchiness again.

So those are my plans for's hoping yours are more romantic and full of love than mine will be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Climbing UpHill

Well, some of you may already know that I didn't make it to the next phase of auditions, and that's okay. It was good enough to have the experience. I'll just move on and continue getting the professional look.

I have an older friend who is a fellow actress, and she gets her headshots taken by her neighbor. We'll exchange information soon enough.

Auditions for a local production of Les Miserables is in two weeks, and I'm vying for Eponine. I love her songs and her story of pining for love.
I've even practiced her death for months, trying to perfect a faint last shudder of air before falling limp.
It's still not quite right, so I'll keep rehearsing just in case I am fortunate in my endeavors at the audition.

The talent show at school is on the 20th. I'll be singing a song that I love and that I personally think is the proper way to end my high school story: A New Life from the show Jekyll and Hyde.

(...which I stupidly passed on seeing back when the revival was touring two years ago. I am now as a lot of you know a Constantine Maroulis superfan so it really gets to me now looking back on that)

Anyway, I have a special wardrobe planned, unlike the last talent shows I've done where I just wore a dress or blouse and skirt. I have a little black dress and a kimono I got from my father years ago when he went to Japan on a business trip.
Red, just like Lucy's! (those who don't know, the character who sings the song)

I will have my hair done, full stage makeup with false eyelashes. I am on the hunt for my character shoes, because clearly no other shoes I own will go with what I just described.

I'm going out of Renaissance High with a ginormous... In the words of Fanny Brice "one shot, one gunshot and BAM!"

Well, I won't be out yet; graduation isn't for five more months! :>

Friday, January 30, 2015

Chances Are

I write this sitting in a hot lime coconut bath salted tub. Since waking up I have walked from class to class with a serious ache in the muscles of my left lower back and gloot. Once I got home a self given massage just wasn't helping, so the next best thing...?

It feels nice to get to have a little time to myself to think about tomorrow and what I need to have with me and look forward to-

Let's see: legal ID and social security number are a must; I am not having another Price is Right moment when it comes to auditioning for The Voice! If you must ask I'll explain it later.

A good outfit and plenty of natural looking makeup to bring out my physical beauty and big personality.

(Okay at this point on I'm out of the bath and dressed)

Of course, my song of choice is what runs through my head the next twelve hours, even while I'm asleep. It's an adjustment to sing Harden my Heart in its original key when I first heard and learned it from another.

As for nerves, I don't really feel nervous. I mean, it's a once and a lifetime opportunity if you get chosen to go on the actual show and audition for the judges. Some are lucky, some are not. That's how it is.

Okay, I'm just going to buck up and do this.

And if you're still wondering about the whole Price is Right ordeal with my ID and SS ask my brother or parents, it's something they're also never sure to forget.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Call Me Maybe

Bad title right? I couldn't think of another song that had to do with phones, since now...

I have one again!!!

Just getting it all settled now; buying back music, putting in contacts, and so on.

Short entry...just wanted you all to know.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't Stop Believing!

Rock of Ages closed on Broadway yesterday. My thoughts? 

It is an amazing story of how it has changed people's lives, and not just mine. Kids of my generation have been converted to love 80's rock!

Families were brought together; Jeremy Jordan was an understudy in the original cast, and his wife was later cast as Sherrie.
Constantine had a beautiful woman come into his life, and together they have a precious little daughter.

Most of all, the show is just plain FUN! You can't help singing along to the songs because you know them.

I really can't think of anything else to really is emotional now after seeing footage of the final final song.

So I'll just close this entry by thanking the writers, producers, and all the cast and crew that have come and gone through the six rockin' years.

And Constantine most of all, for helping me discover what an incredible story it is.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

NYC: The Finale!


Next morning, October 12th.

I had spent the night falling in and out of sleep, most likely the pounding in my ears was still from the loud music and audience from the show.
Eventually I managed to get my eyes to close for a good period of slumbering.

Now I was awake and starting to feel the kick ins of the harsh reality that I would be on the plane headed home in a matter of hours.
After emerging from the shower and starting to pick up my outfit from the night before, stray pieces of glitter fell out of pockets and crevices. I hurriedly stuck them inside the pages of my notebook to save.
It all definitely felt like it had been a wonderful dream, even though I knew it hadn't been.

Once Mom and I had everything packed and sent to the lobby to put on hold, I didn't have a clue on what to do; we had until 3:30 to get t the airport, and I had no ideas.

Mom however, did have some suggestions.

We walked up the street towards the Public Library, the stone lions catching my eye and making me think of The Wiz.
However we took a long loop around until we came upon Bryant Park and the Bryant Park Grill. We decided to have a little brunch before going back to the library.

There was no way we'd go through the whole building and make it out before we had to, so we just went up near the children's section at first. Inside is what drew me in: the original stuffed animals that inspired the Winnie the Pooh books.

It was really fascinating to see how much they preserved and what great shape they all seemed to be in.
 The rest of the library we saw had lots of old artifacts from different periods of time; one particularly caught my eye.
My English teacher is a big fan of Henry David Thoreau, so what are the odds that a display showed a first edition of his book...
as well as a photograph of him. Pretty well kept I might add.
When we finished we headed back to Times Square so Mom could buy a present for my sister, who is a big fan of Bethany Mota. We got her a blouse and shirt from her clothing line.
With still some time to spare I found a Broadway memorabilia and music store and looked at some scores and behind the scenes books.
Doing some more walking and then we found Schmackery's cookies, which I had been hoping to find thanks to recommendation by Rock of Ages cast members. It was smaller than I expected, just like the theatre had been.
To my surprise, the cookie was very, very sweet, and I cannot actually overdo super sweet things or my stomach REALLY hurts. So I did what had to be done and threw it away to my Mom's dismay.
It was time to start walking back to the hotel and get our bags. On our way we happened to pass by the Helen Hayes one final time. I slowed down a bit to take a last look.
As it turns out, the matinee was just starting, and I heard the opening lyrics to "Just Like Paradise/Nothing But a Good Time".
I waited and listened then heard Constantine sing his opening line.
Yes it was that powerful I heard it through the door and wall. I sighed, Mom smiled at me.
We caught a cab to take us to the hotel but were booted out once it came to Grand Central. Just a tiny walk and we were back at the hotel.
As Mom picked up our things from the front desk, I looked back on all we had did in such a short trip. My mom was amazing to put aside time to do this for me, for my birthday. I was so fortunate that she was such an amazing thoughtful person.
I proposed we take a selfie right there.
This had been such an unreal experience. Hopefully people will travel cross country to watch me perform one day in this amazing city.
Maybe I'd get the chance to perform with some of the talent I saw at the show; oh God if I could sing a duet with Constantine, I wouldn't care whatever happened to me after that.
Okay duh, yes I would, but come on?
Mom and I stepped out to the curb and a taxi pulled up. As we started towards the freeway to JFK, I started crying. I am not ashamed to say this; I cried tears of both happiness and sorrow.
This was goodbye New York, for now. I'll be back soon.
I promise.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Come on Down...I Want You!

Happy 2015 everyone. I have to say, it's going to be a crazy start.

School starts up again tomorrow. Uuuuuugh. But no matter, and why you may ask? Because I don't have to go on Tuesday!

You know why?

Duh duh duh da! Duh duh duh da! Duh duh da da da....You get the picture.

That's right! Mom and Dad are taking my brother and I to The Price is Right! Let's hope that the producers notice my spunk and slip a note to the announcer who will say:

"Shannon Wynne, come on down!"

If so, I can't tell anybody until after the episode airs, which may take awhile.

Another thing I may not confide in you is...well some of you may already know this. Only about two weeks after visiting TPIR, I have my biggest audition to date!

That's right again!

I'm still debating over my song, which will be sung to the producers to start with. I need to look way back at a song I can do that has nothing to do with Broadway.

Boy, that's gonna be hard.

Well, that's all for now. Most likely next will be the final part of my New York diary, so keep your eyes peeled.