Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brand New Day

The new year will be upon us in less than 23 hours, and mine is already off to a great start.

First, thanks for the 500 plus views, everyone! This is definitely a big success, unlike my last two blogs.

Ok, next, I am now in possession of my very own laptop.

(Internal Screams)

Think of what I can do now! I can make and publish my writing and entries sooner, maybe even pick up the speed of other social media works of mine!

Anyways, here's hoping this next year is one of my greatest, from my graduation day to who knows what other great adventures...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Don't Answer Me

I can't stop having the lingering thought I'm about to explain.

Clearly I know I have readers based on the graph feature on the Blogger main page, but it always puzzles me that no one ever comments on my posts.

(To let you all know, you don't need a Blogger account to write a comment; you can put it in as an anonymous guest but add your name if you like in it.)

Are my posts too boring? Too much detail?

It would just be nice to know how you all feel about my escapades when I jot them down to share with you all.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nothin' But a Good Time Part 2 (NYC Part 7)

The next two and a half hours were unreal. I kept expecting to wake up from the best dream ever, but it was all real!

Carrie was an amazing Sherrie! I was so enamored with her voice and had so much admiration for her; she's only seven years older than me and has been so fortunate as an actress. She was even trained as an opera singer, so maybe she could play Christine in Phantom one day! (In the meantime those operatic chops will be in handy when she takes over Glinda in the Wicked 2nd national tour! Good Luck Carrie!)
 She did an amazing belting riff during "High Enough" which blew my mind! She and Constantine did that song so beautifully and absolutely intensely. Whenever she was onstage I was fighting so hard not to say her lines or belt along to "Harden My Heart" , "High Enough" , and "I Hate Myself for Loving You".You could say Sherrie is my dream role.
Cody Scott Lancaster and Josephine Rose Roberts were adorable as Franz and Regina. The whole audience went crazy for "Hit Me with Your Best Shot". Bret Tuomi was a really good Hertz. He definitely has that accent down after doing the show on the 1st national tour.

 Genson was an awesome Lonny! He was a huge standout and stole the scene many times. After "Nothin' But a Good Time" he actually was called to flirt with whoever sat in the very front seat......which happened to be occupied by Mom. It was hilarious but also totally embarrassing! Now you see why I said what I said in the last post?

 Of course I loved Adam as Dennis. He is the one and only after all! I was completely blown away by Mitchell Jarvis as Stacee Jaxx. I hadn't known what to expect since he had spent years before in a completely different role, but he really hit it spot on. His rendition of "Dead or Alive" was so hot!

Of course, Constantine was the highlight of it all. His Drew has completely evolved, with his exaggerating faces and all which I loved and giggled at. That golden voice of his didn't disappoint either. When does it?? "Here I Go Again" ? The long high wail? Nailed it! "Oh Sherrie"? The "hold on" hold? Nailed. IT.
Throughout the show, I had such incredibly fun moments right in front of me.
  • During "We're Not Gonna Take It" when Regina tossed flyers into the audience I caught two of them!
  • Whenever there was a number I knew choreography for, I did some while I sat in my seat. I must have really bugged people; I might have blocked their way!
  • I joined in on the very obvious lyric in "I Wanna Rock!"
  • During "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" I heard other voices coming from the audience, singing softly along.
And of course, everything came together at the end with "Don't Stop Believin" . Once again several audience voices joined in with Constantine:
Just a small town girl...living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin' anywhere
However, it seemed like I was the only one joining in with Carrie, as she smiled and anointed her (SPOILER!) faux baby belly.
He's just a city boy...born and raised in South Detroit, Michigan! 
He took the midnight train goin' anywhere
As the song grew louder and more vibrant, I was, no joke, the first one up on my feet clapping to the beat of the melody. The rest of the audience, including Mom after I poked and prodded at her, followed so.
Watching the scene intently, I did the choreography and sang with the whole cast as they made their way onstage. Out of the blue, there in the aisle was Dennis in his angel wings, firing the glitter cannon into the crowd.
Then the guitar solo along with the birth scene, and then the whole cast went nuts with the chorus.
The end...the blackout, with lighters pointed in the air, the faint glows illuminating the stage...the deafening sound of the audience's applause and hollering. I had just had the time of my life.
We all cheered like crazy as the cast came out for the curtain call. Mine probably nearly cost my voice! Nonetheless, I screamed when Constantine and Carrie emerged hand in hand.

 Once the cheering and clapping died down and the band left the stage, and hurriedly got out of our row and " 'scused me" d through several people to get out of the theatre and outside the stage door. "And...I am the first one here! Whoo!!!" Yes that was aloud. Yes I was stared at. by a group of girls maybe around my age. But who the H cares? I was first!

Other folks from the audience made their way over. Mom had lagged behind because she of course wasn't too crazy as me. Anyway, a little more standing and waiting, and then the first one out the door was Bret Tuomi, aka Hertz. I got an autograph from him on his program picture. I didn't ask for a photo though.
Genson was right out after him. As he approached, I called out to him (no kidding): "Thank you for flirting with my mother!" His response?  "No problem!" He signed his headshot in the program and we took a picture.

Next, lead guitarist Joel came out! I immediately smiled as he made his way down to the gate.We took a great picture and both Mom and I thanked him for making our experience enjoyable.

Soon after, Teresa came out with Josephine, who actually didn't stop for photos and such. She must have wanted to get to le Poisson Rogue (club) early for the cast's appearance with Jessie's Girl (80's tribute band) later that night. We didn't have tickets for that, and I was still too young. (21 and older) It was my 18th birthday. Teresa did stick around though, beckoning me with "Come here, boo," as we took our picture.

Carrie came next! I was so excited to tell how much I loved her performance. "It looks like so much fun!" I added. "It really is! Thank you," she smiled. We turned to the camera.

Katie and fellow dancer/Young Groupie Alyssa Herrera came out soon after. I got signature from both but asked just Katie for a picture because I was most familiar with her. "I love all the backstage pictures on Instagram," I told her. "Oh, thanks!" she said. "I actually posted one tonight." As Mom snapped the picture I made a mental note to check my Instagram for that particular image.

A few minutes went by and I tried to spot a cast member that may have slipped out another way to avoid the crowd. I might have seen Andre Ward walk right past me. I had been hoping to see Adam, but he probably had to get to the gig early.
Mitchell came out pretty soon after that, and I told him how great he was and asked for his autograph and a picture. "Absolutely," he said, surprisingly very soft spokenly.
I totally had not expected that. Footage I'd seen of him he was always so outgoing as a performer. Then I thought this just may be his way of vocal rest. We posed and snapped the photo.

A lot of waiting followed after Mitchell left.

 Much anticipation built up inside my chest until I could see the familiar head of tangled hair walking towards us. "Be cool," Mom reminded me. "Okay!" I groaned. "I'm okay!" Geez, did she think I was still eleven? As Constantine signed and posed with the other fans next to me, my eyes followed him. He was just as handsome as always! And taller than me, thank goodness.

When he at last turned to me, I nearly squealed my hello. "Hey! I heard from Twitter you were coming," he said as he signed my program. He actually recognized me! Was it from my Twitter photo? The Linda Eder concert? There he had been standing literally a foot away from me after his set, so...? "Thanks so much for a great show," I said smiling into his brown eyes. "I'm so glad I could see you!"

 After our picture, I presented him with some gifts I brought for him, his girlfriend Angel, and their little Malena. "Wow, thank you, this is so nice," he replied.

 As I sighed, totally satisfied while he finished with other fans, I noticed a familiar face standing nearby him. Angel!
I made my way around the cluster of people and went over to her with the camera. "Hey Angel, do you mind if I get a picture with you?" "Oh, sure!" Click.

"Thank you, it's so great to meet you!" We had a small chat afterwards, with me properly introducing myself and discussing growing up on the West Coast; her in Nevada, me in California. I kept it short so I wouldn't leave her and Constantine waiting around and getting late for Jessie's Girl.
 I called over and they called over back to me and the rest of the fans to have a great rest of the night. My night was already great, thanks to them and the rest of the Rock of Ages cast.

Mom and I decided to go back to Sardi's for a little dessert. We talked about our favorite parts of the show and opinions on the jokes.

 (By ourselves later, I finally found out what a "suggested fellacio" is. Kids, don't ask your parents until you are of proper age.)

We also talked about my ambitions to be coming back to New York permanently within the next year, which I knew she and Dad were still skeptical about. I finally admitted to her, after keeping it to myself for so long, that whenever I saw them seem doubtful of their faith in me trying to be an actress in a big show such as ROA or any other, sometimes made me actually feel like Sherrie did with her parents, who never supported or believed in her dreams like she did.
 Mom says however, that she and everyone in our family believe in me completely. "Whenever I see someone else playing a part I know you could do, like tonight," she said sincerely, "I wish I'm watching you instead."

I was so touched. I can't believe I ever thought that no one in my family believes I can do it; I felt so foolish! I now felt so much more appreciative at what my loved ones do for me and promised myself to never forget that.

When we paid the bill for the chocolate dessert, Mom and I walked down the street a good few minutes before snagging a cab back to the hotel. How was I still awake? We didn't even keep track of what time it was until we stepped back into our room. Fifteen minutes to one.
 I fell asleep immediately as I laid down, makeup scrubbed off and comfy jammies giving my fishnet suffocated legs the oxygen they needed. Tonight had been a whirlwind of excitement, and it couldn't have been better all thanks to that amazing mother of mine. Thanks Mom, for letting one of my many dreams come true.

Now I just have to play Sherrie or Elphaba!