Monday, October 27, 2014

NYC Part 3

Sorry for the holdup, I've had other important things to attend to.

Okay, on to the next day...

I woke Saturday morning very groggy and droopy eyed; I had had trouble falling asleep.

Probably because of the exciting day that awaited my mother and I today!

First of course we had to decide which school we would be touring that morning. We had the options of Pace University or The Actor's Studio.

I know it may be confusing, because Pace had been associated with the Studio for a long time, seeing as they film the TV show in their auditorium.

We settled on Pace because we already had it scheduled and it was less risqué to get access to apply if I like what I saw.

So we got a quick breakfast in a little café in the hotel, then caught a cab, which took us all the way to the Financial District where Pace was located.

The main building was tall, actually one tall tower connected to a smaller section of buildings.

When we got into the main lobby, a student guide had us sit and she gave us colored pins, most likely to categorize us with the group we would be touring with.

Then she led us and another potential student with his parents to a large classroom, where more students were sitting and watching the end of what looked like a video with current students explaining their points of view on the school.

When it finished, there was a short Q&A with, I believe one of the teachers, about any questions we had. I asked my long-running question of whether the school offered the opportunity of auditioning during the school year for any outside work, like Broadway Shows...

"Yes!" YES! "Students are given the absolute freedom...can continue classes online..."

I was hooked right then and there.

Now it was time for the tour to begin.

The dorms were located in two separate buildings; on was the tall towering building attached to the other main class buildings we had started in. My group however, toured a dorm building that was a short walk down the street, nearby and Barnes and Noble and a Chipotle.

The room we had access to was nice, sleek and modern. Closet space was small but there were drawers under the beds, and a fridge and microwave. Our guide explained that this hall was for those who preferred their privacy and a quiet atmosphere.

I started to like the idea of that, but judging on how my parents wanted me to increase my social life, maybe it would be better if I stayed in the other dorm.

When we walked back to the main buildings, there happened to be a hospital right across the street. Convenient.

So, looking further into the tour, we passed by the library, a really cool cafeteria with so many options for everybody, including vegans. They even have 24 hour Starbucks during finals!

A huge highlight, though, was getting to go inside the main auditorium, better known as the stage for Inside the Actors Studio. Turns out, students can get free tickets to tapings, and when the show is not in season, master class seminars are held with professional actors, directors, and more!

I was really impressed by the tour. There were so many cool opportunities both inside and outside the program, and I can't wait till I can fill out my application!

Coming up...reliving my Sesame Street roots, a dinner at Sardi's, and the best 80's musical this side of anywhere!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

NYC Part 2

Alright, let us continue...

We last left off on our decent into JFK airport...


When we got off the plane and entered the terminal, the first thing on my and Mom's minds was- REAL FOOD!

So we went to the food court to get something, with me settling on pizza and her on Asian.

While we sat and ate we settled on decisions for other things to see and do while we were there, i.e. which college to tour, tracking down Schmackery's and the Sesame Street exhibit at Lincoln Center.

Once we were ready we headed out to get a cab, then started driving our, what I was hoping to be scenic, way to the hotel.

Yeah, not so much.

We pulled up to the hotel, a Hyatt, a good half hour later. It didn't seem like much of a hotel, more of an office building.
Mom pointed out that its first few floors were all conference rooms, so it technically was a business hotel.

The lobby was sheik, two giant head statues on opposite sides of the room, that gave off a cool illusion as you walked away or towards them.
There was a waterfall fountain right as you walked in, which was pretty fancy.

After we checked in we got in the elevator and went up 33 floors...

I repeat, 33 FLOORS!

...until we got off and found our room. It was modern, very secluded but nice. The bed was a mix of firm and soft, but the pillows helped balance everything out.

Immediately I thought, "Well, I'm beat. I'll just go to sleep."

Mom had other plans that I didn't expect. She suggested we go out.

After I complained that I was totally jetlagged, she insisted, because "you've got to spend every second you can doing something while you're in New York."

That got me, so I got redressed and started putting on some makeup.

Then we were off!

We started walking down 42nd Street, which our hotel was right on luckily, and after just a few steps, Mom showed me that we were right next to Grand Central Station. I had never been inside before, only seen the outside structure the last time we were there with our whole family (Dad, my sister, and brother).

We stepped inside for a brief look.

Mom got in that shot without realizing I was taking the picture!
As we continued our walk down 42nd Street, we passed a very obnoxious bag pipe player. Not the kind of street musician you see in our town!
As we inched closer to the bright lights of Times Square, I noticed the marquee for Beautiful-the Carole King musical, and had to snap a photo.
Any aspiring actress should snap a photo of the home of a Tony Award winner right?
Furthering our walk, Mom and I pointed out other theatre signs to each other...well, mainly me to her.
Phantom of the Opera, Kinky Boots, Once, Matilda, and... Rock of Ages!
We turned onto one street where we saw the theatres playing Pippin, Les Mis, and It's Only a Play.

Turns out, It's Only a Play had just let out its evening show, and some of the audience was crowding around the stage door waiting for some of the cast. I decided to join in with my camera, but I probably wouldn't have my picture taken with them since I was behind such a big mass of fans.
A little bit of waiting and then out of the stage door came Rupert Grint, with some very heavy eyeliner. It got me pretty curious about his character in the show.

Soon after, Micah Stock emerged. He's a newcomer who made his Broadway debut in the show.
Then after him, came the one and only Matthew Broderick! It was so unreal to actually stand only a few feet away from him in the flesh!

Unfortunately they were the only cast member that came out to greet fans. Bummer, I was looking forward to getting a good picture of Nathan Lane.
Luckily, right across the street, Pippin had just let out, and I spotted Kyle Dean Massey signing programs and taking pictures.
I couldn't help it; I ran across the street and asked for a photo, to which he gladly agreed.
Mom and I continued to walk, stopping for ice cream at a Ben and Jerry's. Soon we felt we had walked long enough and tried getting a taxi to take us back to the hotel.
But the street we were trying was very busy, with rowdy people in line for a music club, or typical residents walking around trying to navigate back to their apartments.
We ended up walking all the way back.
Exhausted, Mom and I turned in for the night. We'd have an even bigger more exciting day in the morning anyways!
Stay tuned for a tour of Pace University, a trip to Sesame Street, and a dinner at Sardi's with ROCK for dessert!



Friday, October 17, 2014

NYC Part 1

Well, here we go! I'm about to tell you about one of the best trips I have ever had.

I think it's only best that I delve into deep detail about my weekend in New York, because of HOW AWESOME it was!

Let us start at the very beginning...


Mom woke me up around 7:06 a.m. Friday morning, October 10th.

I was groggy, still very tired, not in the mood to get out of bed right away.

Then it hit me; I had to get out of bed!

New York was waiting!

Rock of Ages was waiting!

CONSTANTINE was waiting!!!!

I leapt out of bed, and quickly got dressed and washed my face. Mom and I grabbed our bags and got in Dad's car (he was driving us to the airport and picking us up Sunday).

I had a ticklish feeling coming from my stomach. The excitement was building!

We pulled up to the drop off point, where we gave Dad a kiss goodbye then headed for the terminal. After showing our boarding passes we were directed to security.

As we waited in line, I got a real glance at my boarding pass. It was the first time I had a plane ticket with my name printed on it by itself, even though Mom had technically paid for it.

When we were about to go through the security point, a worker asked me if I had any ID to show.

"No, I'm under 18," I explained.

"Not for long," Mom said nonchalantly. "We should go to the DMV soon when we get back."

Again with the DMV?!

Look, she always keeps bringing up the subject of me taking the driving exam and getting my license. I KNOW she's right, but it get annoying how many times she mentions it!

Moving on, we were then permitted into the waiting terminal by the gates. Since we hadn't had breakfast yet, Mom and I got in line at the food court and got some pretty good breakfast burritos.

We spent time afterwards just sitting, eating, relaxing.

Mom answered texts, while I flipped through an issue of Seventeen I had brought along.

After a little while, we bought snacks. Mom seemed to be concerned when I came back holding two of my favorite candies.

"You're eating junk?" she inquired.

"If I bought fruit, I wouldn't have any change," I insisted.

She stifled a laugh.

It seemed like an eternity of waiting for our flight's boarding announcement.


"Flight 514 to New York, you are now boarding at Gate 9."

That's us!

As we started to walk the ramp to enter the plane, the butterflies started again. I prayed that it wouldn't make the Dramamine wear off!

Moments after we sat in our seats, my feet started tapping. Mom put her hand on my thighs to stop me, but I began it again, only softer.

We weren't even close to taking off yet.

Eventually the tapping stopped, but the jittery feeling in my stomach happened again at the safety announcement. I popped gum in my mouth to help my ears in case they started hurting at the takeoff.

Then FINALLY, after another decade of waiting, the plane started to move.

Whoosh! We were on our way!

Once we were a good few thousand flight levels, I took a peek out the window.

We had such an amazing view! We had gone up and through several clouds that now were right underneath us, along with the ground shrinking into oblivion.

We wouldn't see the ground again for a long time during the flight.

For the first hour or so, I watched the little personal TV in front of me, which fortunately had shows I liked being broadcast on the channels given.

I sat back, watched, snacked, and hydrated with a huge bottled water. I later had a bit of chips and soda brought by the stewardesses.

Throughout the first few hours, there was also the occasional bumping and rocking, and then some real turbulence.
 Not like Earthquake of San Francisco turbulence, but like the earthquake we had experienced about four summers ago in my hometown.

I got dizzy, a bit of a watery mouth and fluttering insides, but I was able to stay ok the whole flight.

As I watched a Saturday Night Live special, an act of a cast member's Jimmy Carter impression came on, and reminded me of an article I read in a magazine back at the airport, about the real former President and how he spends his time nowadays to have an active life.

Might I also mention the man is 90 years old!

My mom and I both eventually got on the same channel and watched the rest of the SNL special, with our biggest muffled laugh coming from the late Chris Farley, with his Chippendale piece with Patrick Swayze, and his infamous Matt Foley Motivational Speaker.

A long while later, after another eternity of waiting, an episode of How I Met your Mother and a quarter of an episode of Celebrity Name Game, it was announced that the plane would be making its decent very soon.

I must say we went through lots and lots of clouds as we made our way down. or was it just one big cloud?

Anyways, another 20 minutes and Touchdown!

I'm back, New York! Miss me?

Tune in to read about our first night adventure, how we got to Sesame Street, and Thrust our horns in the air at Rock of Ages!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's All Happenin' !

In six days, I get on the airplane.

I am totally serious when I say that...words cannot express how excited I am!!!!

And how grateful I am to my mother for putting aside the time and money to do this with me; Best Mom Ever, right?!

Of course the whole purpose of the trip is for Constantine and Rock of Ages, but we have lots more planned.

There is a cool exhibit at Lincoln Center completely dedicated to Sesame Street, complete with script portions, behind the scenes photos, and real Muppets! Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe; so many of them are there!
Even Snuffy! Just imagine how much space he takes up!

Also on the agenda, my mom has arranged tours with two colleges that may fit my career choice- ah, I just lost one of the names!

The other however is a piece of cake since its been associated with the Actor's Studio for years. Pace University.

I always thought it was a film school, but that was mostly because of all the movie actors that were interviewed there by the one and only James Lipton.

So, I feel a bit sheepish. But no matter!

I'm also looking forward to trying a baked good from Schmackery's, a cookie placed that I've seen get the attentions of quite a few ROA cast members. Yumm!

Maybe I'll even take a peek inside Sardi's and try spotting any familiar caricatures...with one that happens to be a certain Greekboy I know a lot of other gals love.

The other, a mustachioed Kermit the Frog.

So, you can see I've got a lot I want to put on my plate, and I hope I can do as much as I can in two and a half days...