Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If I Had a Million Dollars...

Got a new plan under my belt for my upcoming New York exploits:

Starting today, I will not spend any of my own money.

If I want to buy a Rock of Ages shirt, I don't want to have to ask my mom for the cash to do so.

If I want to try a Schmackery's cookie, I won't ask my mom for how much it costs.

If I want to buy anything, ANYTHING while I'm in the greatest city on Earth, I'll pay for it myself.

Mom is already spending so much on the airfare and hotel and the tickets for the show. If I start begging her to buy m things while we're there, I'll seem like a total spoiled brat.

I for sure do not want to graduate high school and go out on my own with my own mother thinking that, or anyone for that matter.

I'm nearly a grown up woman. Time to start acting like one!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's A Grand Night for Singing!

So, it's official: I have a new voice teacher!

Ann is her name. She actually use to work at a college I toured at over the summer, and she's going to teach at the local community college right near my neighborhood.

Hmm, maybe it's a sign to earn my associate's then, because I could get in a few extra lessons...

Anyways, I think she's a great fit for me because I've been wanting an instructor who will help me improve my technique and breath control.

Other issues I'm hoping to work out are:

  • less strain in the throat and vocal chords when aiming for high notes and belting

  • maintaining deep breaths when holding notes i.e. bridges, belting...

And plenty more!

I'm really looking forward to the time I'll have training with Ann. We seem to fit each other, and I hope it's a good fit!

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Wanna Rock!

I think it's time to tell about my upcoming mind-blowing kick ass 18th birthday!

No, I'm not asking for a new phone.

It's better!

My mom, being the awesome mom she is, has booked a weekend for just the two of us to go to New York City, along with tickets for Constantine Maroulis' triumphant return in Rock of Ages!

Kick ass or not? I should say so!

I haven't been to NY in 3 years, and my first experience was one of my favorite vacations to date. Hopefully this next one will break that streak.

I'm just so excited! I've seen Constantine in person only once before, when he did a concert in LA. But getting to see him in a role he originated on Broadway!? That definitely takes the cake!

Not to mention it's the show that completely changed not only fans, but his own life, from being Tony-nominated to becoming a father to a beautiful little girl, Malena, who turns four this December.

So yes, you could say that I'm so thrilled and actually HONORED to get to see this show. And hopefully, meet and talk to HIM!
Gonna be looking for nothin' but a good time!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stealing Sailboats...or in my case, Cellphones

It's been quite eventful these past days for me. For one thing, I got my cell phone stolen.

Right out of my hands, actually.

It's a long story and I'm getting sick of telling people about it, so I'll sum it up as short as I can;

Waiting at the bus stop. Guy comes up. Just as I look up at him he goes in at me and grabs my phone.

He runs. I run after screaming. No one around me tries to help.

He escapes. I cry. People in the nearby building console me. Woman calls cops. I call my mom.

Cop asks questions. Mom takes me home. I sleep for two hours, and it's not even five o'clock.

The End.

It's quite the experience. I really never expected that to happen, but I guess I should because of the neighborhood my school is in. But I've never heard of theft being a problem. I must have looked vulnerable or something.

It may be awhile before I get it back or maybe get a new one altogether.

Let me end on a happier note, though:

I have an interview with a potential voice teacher this coming Wednesday. She used to teach at a college I recently toured, and she actually lives near my neighborhood. How convenient!

Let's hope for the best that we get along. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whatever Happened to My Part?

Let me stat this blog off with a simple topic: not being cast in the fall musical.

The title? "Singin' in the Rain".

I was very surprised to see the cast list after the audition process, which lasts almost a whole week, btw.

It just felt so confusing. Ever since I started high school I was always cast in the musicals, every year!

I knew I had done my best, and a pretty impressive job for someone whose always sung on key...

but under the circumstances of the character I auditioned for, my voice was wrecked.

Let me tell you, the days following that song, my throat felt sore and slimy. Um, eew.

Honestly, I'm glad I wasn't cast...for Lina Lamont I mean. Maybe I should have done Kathy instead.

On the other hand, maybe above all, it was the dancing.

Oh God, the dancing.

For those familiar with 20's music and fifties movie musicals, you must know how fast paced everything is, right?

Can I just say, I did better before the music turned on.


Above everything I've already said, maybe I wasn't cast so some of the new kids could be given the experience. It seems like it would be fun for them to do.

There is always the fall play...

I'm happy again!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here I Go Again...

Well, here it is.


Third time's the charm right?

(Sigh) Okay, it's a bit much I know, but the first two I never kept up to date, and a RISING STAR must always put herself in the public eye to be noticed.

Ok, that was bitchy.

Anyways, this blog I know will be different.

I have just begun my senior year of high school two? one and a half weeks ago? Well, either way, I'm at my official countdown to the fateful day when I graduate and stat making plans to go to New York City to seek my fortune and leave my mark in the Broadway community.

So I guess in a way, this blog will be a sort of diary, or a non-fiction young adult novel.

(Well if anything dramatic shows up on here, which I doubt)

Delving deeper, this blog is going to tell stories, the chronicles of my impending future, which hopefully will end the night of my final Broadway performance!

Who knows? Maybe I'll start another blog, or a vlog! I've always wanted to try that!

Either way, it's going to follow me along into any adventures I may encounter.

Theatrical and other pop culture adventures, I mean.

But...we'll see.